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minimum pc requiments

i want to build a "modern amiga" for game usage( kind a portable ) . i Got a Raspberry pi 3 installed retropie on it, but the amiga emulator uae4all and uae4all isnt that well
ive tryed to install debian on a sd card for the raspberry pi 3 and installed the fs-uae, but it seems that it dosnt have enough power to run it.
so, i would like to get a mini pc, install debian on it and try again. but i am afraid to buy a mini pc that isnt powerfull enougt..

any one have a better solution or an ideer ?
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I don't know what exact requirements you have but last time I tried this: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/v...?f=78&t=110488 on the Raspberry Pi the speed was quite decent. Felt about as fast as a 030 Amiga. Since it's JIT some things will be very fast and some others not so fast. I tried a few games and all ran well enough.

On the PC side of things I think whatever you can buy nowadays will give you decent enough Amiga-emulation. I ran FS-UAE on an old 1.6GHz Atom netbook and it ran very well.
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uae4arm on a PI is much faster than uae4all.

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thanks for the answers, i just dont think that uae4all and the uar4arm works very well.. :-/ so im looking for an better alternative..
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Please look at this page: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html (single thread performance) and check the performance rating for the CPU you are considering.

If the CPU scores about 800-ish or above, it will probably run A1000/500/600 emulation (cycle-exact) well. But no guarantees, I don't have any exact minimum requirements. Faster CPU is better, of course. Dual-core (or more cores) is highly recommended! Consider 1000+ score if you want to have more confidence that it will work smoothly now and in the future.

For cycle-exact A1200 emulation you need a faster CPU (but you can also run without cycle-exact emulation. This will lower the CPU requirements).

(You also need hardware-accelerated OpenGL, but you don't need any powerful GPU).

(Disclaimer, I cannot know how well it will run on a given (weak) CPU, so don't blame me if purchased hardware isn't powerful enough).

If anyone of you has a weak-ish CPU and FS-UAE runs well (or not), please consider posting about it

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