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Question about uaenative.library

Hello Frode
Could you explain a few how works uaenative.library ?
Many Thanks

In uaenative.h I just can found:

uae_u32 uaenative_open_library(TrapContext *context, int flags);
uae_u32 uaenative_get_function(TrapContext *context, int flags);
uae_u32 uaenative_call_function(TrapContext *context, int flags);
uae_u32 uaenative_close_library(TrapContext *context, int flags);
void *uaenative_get_uaevar(void);
void uaenative_install ();
const TCHAR **uaenative_get_library_dirs(void);

But it dont say how is obtained the TrapContext pointer ? nor what do the 3 latests functions

Alain Thellier - Wazp3D

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Hi, the uaenative.h header file you found is for internal use in UAE, these functions are not (directly) called from the Amiga side (you're not going to use TrapContext at all).

Instead, take a lot at:

This project includes the correct/necessary header files, as well as an example with:
- a host-native library written in C++,
- an Amiga program calling into the the host-native library

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Old 18 July 2016, 17:13   #3
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Thanks Frode for your help

But all your code seems to be for the 68k OS3
In fact I want to do is a Wazp3D for WinUAE/OS4 PPC
So I will also need an OS4 "interface" to call the uaenative.library the OS4 way

Also in your code it is unclear "how to deal with the parameters / 68k registers"
I mean if we are running a ppc Wazp3D.library on a ppc cpu (in WINUAE of course)

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Old 19 July 2016, 12:07   #4
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Unless things have changed this may be because the PPC emulation doesn't have the same hooks as the 68K emulation does. Perhaps it wasn't thought to be that important. After all, I read that the PPC emulation in UAE was a side effect left over from needing to execute a PPC accelerator ROM to initialise a SCSI chip, so not intended to be a feature.

All it would need is, like the 68K hooks, is an illegal or undefined instruction to act as a trap instruction to signal a jump into native host code. Similar to how OS4 uses a 68K trap instruction to jump into native code. As used in a hybrid 68K library. It's all done pretty much the same to my knowledge.
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Toni Wilen
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Things have changed.
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In fact what is needed is something like that :

struct UaeNativeIFace
struct InterfaceData Data;

uint32 APICALL (*Obtain)(struct UaeNativeIFace *Self);
uint32 APICALL (*Release)(struct UaeNativeIFace *Self);
void APICALL (*Expunge)(struct UaeNativeIFace *Self);
struct Interface * APICALL (*Clone)(struct UaeNativeIFace *Self);

struct UaeNativeLibrary *APICALL (*OpenNativeLibrary)(struct UaeNativeIFace *Self,UBYTE *libName, ULONG version);
void *APICALL (*CloseNativeLibrary)(struct NativeLibrary *library);
struct NativeFunction *APICALL (*FindNativeFunction)(struct NativeLibrary *library,UBYTE *funcName);
LONG *APICALL (*CallNativeFunction)(struct NativeFunction *function,struct uni *parameters);

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