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What could it be worth?

Hi there!

Sometimes strange things happen...

A little background story first.
As many others here on the forums, my interest in Amiga started when my neighbours got an Amiga500,
this was back in 1988 I think, memory is a bit fuzzy.
Visiting my neighbours and playing with the Amiga was golden moments back then.
At autumn 1990 I got my own A500, which I still have btw .

Sometimes in the mid nineties everybody started using PCs instead, and so did I, and my neighbours as well.
By the late nineties they moved and we lost contact.
Fast forward to 2017 at a new years party I met my former neighbour again, and I asked him if he still got the Amiga,
to my surprise he said " Yes I still got it.
A guy was supposed to buy it but never showed up" I asked him what he wanted for it and he answered,
"why dont you take the stuff with you, try it out and give me a price".

So here I am in 2018 with the very same Amiga500 that started my interest in Amiga and computers in general back then!

But what could it be worth?
It is not in a pretty condition.
Everything has a strong smell of cigarettes, someone has been smoking a lot in the room where this computer has been stored.
Its also yellowed of course, some scratches here and there, not very nice looking anymore.

Anyway, I would really appreciate if you guys could help me value this thing!

Here is a list of the "specs":

Commodore A500 kick 1.3
512K trapdoor ram expansion (not working)
A590 20MB Harddrive
Commodore 1084S monitor (only one speaker working)
External floppy drive (not working)
Commodore MPS1230 printer (have not tested this)
Two tank mice (left mouse button not working on one of them)
One Wico Redball joystick

Some original games, have not tested theese.
Nightshift, Batman, James pond 2 and Batman

The guy also gave me his C64 tape deck, which ironically seems to be in a very good condition.
I remember he also used to have a C128, but he had lost it unfortunately.

Anyway, if you could help me with this I would very much appreciate it .

Thanks a lot!
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An A500 in basic working condition is worth around €50 I'd say; more if it's in mint condition, original box and so on, less if it's badly scuffed up or missing parts.

The A590, if working, including RAM and power supply, is worth around €50-€100.

An 1084 in decent condition would be in the same price range, €50-€100.

The mice and other miscellaneous stuff isn't worth very much, especially in broken or unknown condition.

Of course prices for this kind of stuff can vary wildly depending on the region and everything else, but this would be my estimate for most of Europe at least
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Thanks alot ajk!
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Old 06 September 2018, 17:19   #4
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Man, I wish we could get them that cheap here in Canada.. an A500 in decent shape is $300+.
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It's not worth anything. Please send stuff to me and I will love them and keep deep in my wardrobe

Now seriously, I think observing ebay auctions with bid only will give You clue but ajk gives You quite accurate prices. If I had to sell Amiga 500 in such state I would clean it as much I can only bacause of cigarettes.

A590 20MB Harddrive - if it's working is most expensive part of Your collection.

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