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Question VBCC: file 'stdio.h' not found

I'm trying to setup vbcc for OS3 and OS4 cross compilation on my linux box. The OS3 compiler works fine, but I'm running into the following problem when trying the aosppc config on a simple hello world C source file:

~ $ echo $VBCC

~ $ vc +aosppc -o test hello-amiga.c
>#include <stdio.h>
error 248 in line 1 of "hello-amiga.c": file 'stdio.h' not found
1 error found!
vbccppc -quiet "hello-amiga.c" -o= "/tmp/filenJH4SR.asm" -elf -no-regnames -no-multiple-ccs -madd -c99 -use-commons  -O=1 -I$VBCC/targets/ppc-amigaos/include -D__amigaos4__ failed

~ $ ls $VBCC/targets/ppc-amigaos/include
assert.h  ctype.h  errno.h  float.h  inttypes.h  limits.h  locale.h  math.h  setjmp.h  signal.h  stdarg.h  stdbool.h  stddef.h  stdint.h  stdio.h  stdlib.h  string.h  time.h
To me the -I says that it's going to look in $VBCC/targets/ppc-amigaos/include for the standard includes, but the error tells me that it can't find stdio.h. However, the listing of $VBCC/targets/ppc-amigaos/include shows that stdio.h is, in fact, in the directory.

I'm at a loss here. Does anyone else have any ideas on what is happening and why it can't find stdio.h?


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Well, that was frustrating. It turned out to be a permissions problem where the read bit was not set for 'public'. Since the compiler was installed by root and I was trying to run it as a user, not having the public read bit set made it look like the file was missing.
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Yes, the error message in this case is not that precise. It just tries to open the file and when it fails it display the "file not found" error.

Good that you found it!
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