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That nostalgic feeling...

What is the general issues with "limiting" emulation software (Winuae, FS-UAE) to run "exact" hardware/software specs and not do more *because u can now do it in software environment* with no limitations, apart from nostalgic reasons only?

eg... The Amiga 500, or any Amiga with floppy drive, required u to swap disks (the only difference with now we work with images) but the concept is the same, up to 4

we have a swap list in software versions, but we still are limited to 4 floppy drives we can work with

I'm not saying why not super-charge an Amiga with graphics over AGA in software as there is no reason to because most Amiga games don't need above AGA,,,,,, All i am saying is just because we are not do not have that psychical machine,,, we run software that opens the door do say load a software equivalent (Winuae, FS-uae etc) with say 15 floppies and can automatically change disks without user intervention...

A physical Amiga would be impossible to do, but not with software emulation...

So is this limiting factor just "pure" nostalgic reasons alone ? I'm sure meany would be overjoyed at the fact u n longer must swap .adf images all the time just because its software and a physical machine cannot mount or handle that many drives connected.. the other answer would be hard disk installer games (again Amiga based) only for certain games. because that's how the Amiga worked.

Not saying go overboard, but we can loosen the reins a bit because its "software" and not hardware we must always stick to.

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Toni Wilen
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It has nothing to do with feelings.

1) There is hardware bits for 4 floppy drives, other bits in same registers are used for other purposes. No program expects or knows how to support more. (and many programs don't even support extra drives..)

2) It is impossible to have generic detection system that detects when non-system friendly program waits for disk change and which disk it expects. (if it is system friendly: just HD install it)
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If I am reading this correct all you wish to do is change the concept of the disk insertion on the Amiga where games could not be installed to hard drive. It really has nothing in truth to the A500. I never use an emulator so wouldn't know how they operate in terms of disk activity. Thing is for the purest the disk swapping is kinda part of the magic of using the Amiga. For the most part the games are hard drive installed for me.

As to the limiitations of the A500 it really is just a case of installing a hard drive and loading up those games. I have 3.1 running on my 500 with a very full games drawer. Great fun I have to say. For the most part I use a dedicated 1200 for this kind of thing and there were many applications/PD disks that allowed hard disk install of all your favourite games.. like say Sensi Soccer.


My A500 with 3.1 running on an external XT sidecar




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With emulation, you have a free hard drive. No need to swap disks.
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