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Boing Bag 2 issue...

Upgraded my A1200 from 3.1 to 3.5 up to 3.9. Installed Boing Bag 1 all fine but upon installing Boing Bag 2 was hit by an error of "Can not open workbench.library 45, unable to run Amidock"...

I tried editing s:startup-sequence and SetPatch did not seem to help. I even reinstated Rom Update from BB1 but no joy.

I totally restarted my cf installation at base 3.1 and started again. I have now got back to 3.9 with Boing Bag 1 installed. However I am reluctant to install Boing Bag 2, but if I install it without the Rom Update will it work?

Ultimately, am I missing much if I just don't install BB2?

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Although I don't know the exact cause of the error you have encountered, I would advise you to install Amiga OS 3.9 directly over Workbench 3.1.

Installing Amiga OS 3.5 first is only complicating matters...
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Or just install OS3.9 fresh.
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Originally Posted by zerohour1974 View Post
Ultimately, am I missing much if I just don't install BB2?
Thats what you miss...

Contents of the update


AMPlifier now sports a nice ReAction GUI in order to blend well withthe AmigaOS 3.9 look and feel. There is now an option to play entries ofthe play list by
double-clicking. AMPlifer now supports zipped skins("#?.wsz"-files) that are uncompressed automatically.

The sound datatype now supportsplaying sound files via the AHI audio driver. This is anotherstep towards hardware independence.PlayCD now supports
retrieving information about the inserted audio CD and its tracks using thecddb.library. For this to work, cddb.library needs to be installed, and yourAmiga
should be online.

The picture datatype now has its own preferences editor calledPictDT.With it, you can explicitely set which application supports the V43 mode ofthe
datatype. This modus offers support for screens with more than 256colors. In addition, you can specify whether pictures should be ditheredon high color
screens (65536 colors) or not. Disabling dithering decreases imagequality on these screens, but improves the speed of the datatype considerably.

MultiView nowsupports new tooltypes to set its window position andallows vertical scrolling via mouse wheel.

Enhanced shell as well as new and updated shell commands

The AmigaDOS shell has been completely reworked. The new shell will beinstalled using a new AmigaOS ROM Update (see below). It offers many newfeatures
which are described in detail in theshell manual, including:

- starting of programs in the background via &
- job control
- easy display of multimedia files
- enhanced script support via #! and ;!
- new and improved shell commands likeAsk,Path,PopCD andPushCD
- as well as many bugfixes and minor improvements

The console handler, ViNCEd, now supportsautomatic changes to key mapping, when it was changed, e.g. using theInput preferences editor.

Workbench and Workbench tools

ASyncWB has been overhauled, and sports some new features: When renaminglots of icons, only one icon will be renamed at a time instead ofcluttering the
desktop with lots of rename windows. When copying files,the file date will also be cloned.

The "Execute command" window now has a simple command history that you cancycle through via cursor up and cursor down keys. When entering the pathto
a drawer, Workbench will open it. When entering a URL, a web browserwill be started to display it (the latter requires the OpenURL software).

Find has a new graphical user interface. Only one window will be openedwhich controls setting the search options, and also shows the results of thesearch.
When double-clicking an entry from the search results list, itwill now be started with WBRun and therefore uses DefIcons functionality.Beside starting
executables directly, pictures can also be displayedor text can be read.

RAWBInfo has been enhanced: Now you can rename the object being displayeddirectly from the information window. RAWBInfo now also supports WBRun;one
double-click on the icon shows a picture, plays a sound, etc. RAWBInfonow also uses DefIcons to display the type of the object above the icon.

Now,Version 10 of XAD (the powerfulunarchiving system), is included. It supports new archive formats and canhandle the slightly changed password
encryption used in newer InfoZiparchivers. UnArc now supportsADF disk images which can be depacked file by file.

BenchTrash sports a nice ReAction GUI, and now integrates well with the look andfeel of AmigaOS 3.9.Calculator now also featuresa ReAction GUI.

ReAction GUI

Boing Bag 3.9-2 contains a further optimized, improved, and enhanced set ofReAction classes. The new ReAction supports closing and re-opening of
application windows if the screenmode of the Workbench screen changes.When a PowerPC CPU is present, the colorwheel will be calculated faster. A
background picture/pattern for ReAction applications is now featured, as well as manymany improvements to small details.

The new ROM Update

This Boing Bag contains a new version of the AmigaOS ROM Update. Apart fromthe previously mentioned new Shell, it contains a bug fixed and updated Exec
multitaskingkernel, a boot menu that supportsmonitors that no longer support 15KHz modes, as well as improveddrivers for IDE harddisks connected to the
internal Amiga IDEcontroller. The new IDE driver should now recognize additional IDE harddiskscorrectly.

Note: We cannot guarantee that the ROM Update works properly oneach hardware and software configuration that can run AmigaOS 3.9 withBoing Bag 3.9-2.
Thus we have only provided limited warranty and limitedsupport for the ROM Update: If it doesn't run on your system, please usethe ROM Update supplied on
the AmigaOS 3.9 CD or do not use the ROM Updateat all. You might also try skipping certain parts of the ROM Update by usingSetPatch SKIPROMUPDATES.
Amiga Inc. andHAAGE&PARTNER are not obligated to ensure that the ROM Update works onyour system.

Harddisk support

Support for harddisks larger than 4GB has been completed: Support for somebig drives has been enhanced - reading their geometry data should nowwork.
DiskCopy now also supports big harddisks. All other parts of AmigaOS3.9 - including device driver, file system and formatting utilitiy -already had support for
large harddisks before.

HDToolBox now hides additional unsuitable devices and provides the means of addingfurther devicenames to hide via its new icon tooltype or shell argument
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