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Dusting off the ol' A1200 in tower case

Hello! PK here from the Great State of Maine (Im sure none of you have heard of it, its somewhere in the US, and there is a famous horror writer from here )
Got back into the Amiga scene recently. I still have my old A1200 w/ 68ec030 card and 2 + 8 megs ram that I put into one of those cheap "made for amiga" tower cases they sold back in the early 90s.

Been about a decade since I powered the thing up (hope it still works) but also came across two shoe boxes full of Amiga software I bought during the 90's (EG Scenery Animator, Imagine 3.0, DOpus 5.11, BlitzBasic2, etc etc (WOW I spent a lot of $$ for this stuff!). Just in case I can't get the ol 1200 fired up, what is the easiest way to read these disks for use in WinUAE? I dont want to lose this software!
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Hey there PK! I know where Maine is, it's one of the places you visit in this great Amiga game - http://www.lemonamiga.com/games/scre...avidson_04.png

It's great to have you back in the scene, you've got the best all-round Amiga to do it with, that's for sure.

Remember when you're firing up the A1200 to make sure not to unplug or plug any peripherals while it's turned on, as it causes one of the most common problems with old Amigas these days, and that's the audio capacitors fizzle and leak.

I guess the easiest way to get the software off of your A1200 and onto a PC to use through UAE is to download some ADF software from Aminet like TransADF. Put it on a PC 720k DD floppy disk and run the program on your A1200. This will let you change all those old disks into images to use with UAE. Then you will have to compress them again with LHA or ZIP to make them small enough to fit on a 720k disk for transport back to the PC. A better way to do it would be to get a cheap PCMCIA card reader and a CF or SD card to transfer all the files with. I hope you can access your PCMCIA slot inside that tower.

Good luck with everything, and keep us posted on your progress so we can get you all set up!
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Oh yeah, and don't worry too much if the disks are ruined, I'm sure people here can help you find ADF versions of all that software to replace them with.
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Hi ProtoKatie and welcome to EAB
Like Cammy said you can find most of your software (if not all ) on the EAB file server (http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=43633) in the folder 'TOSEC/Applications/[ADF]' already in ADF format. You know, just in case your disks don't work anymore.
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Thanx guys.
I will see what I can do to get the 1200 going again (lets see if the power supply even works, I remember how bad those were for the A500, and the A1200 wasn't much different)

A friend of mine chides me for using a PC (he is a Mac-troll), but everytime he brings up the virtues of MACOS, I have to remind him of AmigaOS, and how it took MacOS to even come close to catching up. Hell even windows took until 10 years after for a preemptive MT OS to exist, it took Apple even longer.
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Welcome PK! Glad to have you with us. Good luck with the 1200! I'm sure we can find adf's of most of your software
Have fun!
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Hi PK, and welcome to EAB. It's great to have another enthusiast on board.

Your'e in a most enviable position with a towered, accelerated A1200, and you should be able to source most of the software you need to restore your collection right here on EAB.

I hope you find you like it here and end up staying forever!
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