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Xinput Mapping in Relation to a Real CD32 Gamepad

So I go to settings select my joystick to remap it and get an image of a ps3 controller how does that work the Amiga CD32 controller looked like this


the only thing I can think of (and I’m guessing here) is that it works the way RetroArch does meaning you have the real physical input assigned to a virtual xinput pad which in turn is assigned by the program to the emulated pad (yet another virtual pad).

So what I’m asking is can somebody give me a list of what the default xinput mapping is in relation to a real CD32 controller? Like the red button on a CD32 controller is that assigned to a, b, x or y? the d-pad is obviously assigned to the xinput d-pad that much is clear. And I’m presuming the play/pause button is assigned to the xinput start button that would make sense. But what about the shoulder buttons are they assigned to L1 and R1 or L2 and R2?

And while were at it on a PC Amiga you had a joystick that looked like this.


Again what are the xinput mappings assigned to on the joystick my guess is the directions are assigned to the d-pad but what about those two buttons?

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