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Tutorial:- Setting up a 4gb CF HDD with Classic Workbench & WHDLoad for Amiga

Hi All,

I spent some time today creating a video tutorial for installing Classic Workbench with WHDload Games onto a 4gb CF card, it seems to be a commonly asked question for a guide (from start to finish) so here it is in video form!

This is intended to be the most basic steps to achieve the objective so that people returning to the scene can get up and running as easily and trouble free as possible

I didn't cover optimised file systems and large drives, etc as I didn't want the guide to be overly complex. Please allow yourself plenty of time if you plan to do the installation, the video it's self is over 30 minutes long and there were a lot of times the video was stopped for processes to complete. I would say to setup a drive and Classic Workbench from absolute scratch allow 1-2 hours depending on how many Games you want!

[ Show youtube player ]

The Video is still processing, it will be in HD once processing has finished. Lighting wasn't great so it is a little grainy in places but where you have to read text on screen it's fine

Anyway, I hope it helps some people who otherwise might have struggled


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Thank you Steve, its really well done.
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Good work
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Great tutorial, just got stuck at the end

Great tutorial man! Thanks for it.

I've taken a couple of "detours" from it:
1. I've setup the CF all from winUAE, it seems to be working
2. I've created only two partitions: DH0, 200 Mb, formatted with the name "System" and DH1, rest of available CF space, formatted with the name "Games"

I'm getting stuck toward the end of the tutorial:
1. I've changed the assign to look like the attached assign.jpg
2. When I try to add games from the drawer I get the error in the addGames.jpg
3. I've attached also a screen of what my Games drive looks like

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.
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Name:	AddGames.JPG
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Name:	GamesDrive01.JPG
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Your A-Games assign is pointing towards a folder on DH1: called 'Games'. Does this folder exist? If you just want to point it to the root, change it to 'DH1:' or 'Games:' instead of 'DH1:Games'.

Edit: Just looked at your third picture, and no, DH1:Games does not exist, so change it to DH1: and you should be rolling.
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Smile Almost there...

Thanks for the help , that definitely solved the problem of adding the games. Now I can see them in the iGame browser.

Only problem I got left is: any game I try to run I get a series of screen like error.jpg that keep rolling but nothing happens or a good old guru meditation (guru.jpg)

Anmy ideas?

Sorry to be a bother, I'm just learning all this.

Thanks again.
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Name:	error.JPG
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Name:	Guru.JPG
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Sounds like a classic case of an invalid maxtransfer setting. When you are partitioning your HDD in HDToolbox, press 'Change...' under File System and set the maxtransfer value to 0x1fe00 (remember to press enter). Go to the main menu, save settings and reboot. If this is the only setting you changed, you will not lose any files on your partitions.
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Old 20 September 2013, 10:13   #8
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Thanks but I had already done that when setup as the tutorial was specific about it.
Could it be the Kickstart files?
Old 20 September 2013, 10:17   #9
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Did you recheck the maxtransfer setting? It might not have stuck for some reason.

Are you trying to boot the games on a real Amiga or in WinUAE?
If the kickstart files are accepted and can be used in WinUAE, then they are fine.
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Old 20 September 2013, 10:24   #10
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For the moment I'm doing all in WinUAE, I wanted to get it all up and running in WinUAE before movinf the CF to the real A1200.
All the screens I posted so far are from WinUAE.
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Amazing work Fitzsteve!!!!
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Old 22 September 2013, 01:34   #12
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Still stuck

Re-checked transfer rate and it matches 0x1fe00...

I'll have to try and redo from scratch with another CF (now I'm using a Kingston 4GB) and see if that is the problem, but I doubt it...

Anyone knows exactly all the files that should be in the devs\Kickstart folder?

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Thanks for this :-)
It's been a good long while since I did this and this video was a perfect refresher.
Can't wait to get it all finished and test it out on my new ACA500!
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Hi Steve! great tutorial!! I have run into a problem that I hope you can help me with.
When I try to run 'Dopus', I get a message to insert A-Programs disk? Any idea where I'm going wrong??
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