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LHA extraction


I've just got back into the Amiga scene after some time ago (I used to own an A500+) I got A600 for a fiver from a car boot a few weeks ago, just the other day I got an A1200 as well for a fiver!

Now I am really rusty on the Amiga OS and keep clicking in the wrong places because of the evil microsoft influence I have been under!

I need some guidance on the compression tool LHA, I used it years ago with the Amiga Format Subscribers Superdisks (remember them!?? I used to love AF and Amiga Power)

Can I get a program like Winzip for the Amiga to use LHA?

How do I use LHA,

Any FAQs or web URLs would be welcome!

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I think Aminet has lots of frontends that will integrate all the different archivers into one interface, but you'll still need them all to be installed separately first. I never cared for those programs because it just works so much better for me from the shell, but that's a matter of personal preference I suppose.

To extract LHA files, since you asked, simply open a shell, navigate to where the LHA file is and type:

lha x filename

and this will extract the files with full paths. Probably best to do all this stuff from RAM:, but again, a matter of personal preference.
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Thanks for this, I have only a stock A1200 with no HD (yet!) so careful use of the RAM disk and blanks will be needed.

Would you then type

lha x filename:RAM

to achieve this?
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Actually, it would be:

lha x filename ram:

This is assuming your shell is CD'd to the location of filename. The ram: at the end just tells it to extract there. Pretty simple really. And if you ever get stuck, just type lha by itself and all the options will be displayed in the shell window.
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On the Windows side, I recommend WinRAR 3.x to read LHA. It will only decompress though.

The old DOS LHA tool couldn't extract long filenames from Amiga archives, it was just pretty horrible all round
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Yes thanks for this, I have ued WinRAR on the PC popped the files on a 720k disk and carried them over to the Amiga with Cross Dos this was the easiest for me.
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The best choice is XAD archive.
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