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Amiga 1200 PRoblem - HELP!

I have an Amiga 1200 that I've owned for a long time. It one of the originals manufactured by Commodore. In the past week I've been using it quite a bit playing ProjectX and Disposable Heroes, 2 of my favorite shoot'em'ups of all-time. I also discovered a game I didn't know about called powder which is also a cool game as well. Anyway, I loaded powder and lft my Amiga alone while doing something else and the screen went blank. I was still able to do a soft reboot using the keyboard. I tried to reboot but nothing came on the screen. Even though I was able to do a soft reboot, the HD and floppy weren't working either.

I have a scaldy VGA modification and my first though was maybe it was overheating causing me this problem. So I opened the Amiga and removed the scaldy. Afterwards I tried booting the system again. It worked. Therefore I figured my scaldy was just dead. I loaded a game and it wasn't long before the Amiga screen black again.

This was making me sick to my stomach. I left mt Amiga along for a while.
After about 1/2 and hour, I tried to boot the Amiga and once again it came up fine.

Therefore I have an Amiga 1200 that shuts down after using it for a short time. I tried a new power supply and it made no difference. Does anyone have a clue what may be going on? I really want to get it working again since the A1200 is the only "FUN" computer I own.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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If it works from cold every time but only for a short time then clearly something is overheating your machine. Something inside is getting too hot though it could be anything. There are temperature readers you can buy that test the temperature of computer chips so you can see which one is overheating.
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Whilst I am no expert and can't say if this is the issue, if you want to keep your a1200 functional, and it has not yet been recapped, then I would deffo get that done.
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Is recapping just redoing the solder points?
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No its replacing the capacitors. They go bad.
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Indeed, I would replace the capacitors and then run the machine for a while without a top cover to see if you can tell which chip is overheating (if any). They get warm to touch normally, but never so hot that they should need heatsinks for example.
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Thanks, I'll look into a recap. Maybe I can find someone local who can do it. There is a vintage game console shop near me and they claim to do stuff like this.


P.s. Is there anyplace in the US that still sells A1200 motherboards? Amigakit doesn't seem to have any. I know I can watch on eBay.
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Yep, bad capacitors is a relatively common thing across many consoles of a similar age, so if you have someone local that does repairs like that, that's great. Just make sure they replace like with like, as in they use surface mount to replace surface mount. Some people replace surface mount with through hole and it risks causing problems further down the line.
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