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Hooooo Do I have an 3500 or 3000T motherboard?

If you know me you maaaay know I collect a few Amiga's (nyx, CDTV CR, etc), Well Ive just bought an Amiga 3500 motherboard but have a question I hope you guys can help with....
I am trying to find out if it is actually an A3500 motherboard or an early A3000T motherboard so I can restore this one correctly.

So first question for those who own an A3000T or those that know: Can you confirm that early A3KT's have a3500 Version 2 motherboards?

Second question for everyones advice, do you think my board is from an a3KT or A3500? Pictures attached but here are the facts:

The motherboard has a test sticker thats the same colour orange as the "do not remove from Commodore" stickers on my CDTV CR and CDTV prototypes.

Its dated 8-9-1990 and the A3KT was announced in early 1991 and launched in October 1991 so this would already be almost a year old by then.

It has a lot of test stickers on it (sys pass, final pass, burnin pass)

No serial number (maybe on sticker like my A2K is as theres one thats been pealed off)

I got it from the Computer Preservation Soc of America who do have lots of REAL prototype/pre-production units. (This is mine: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221964279159)

So guys and girls, can you help? Should I stick it in an A3000T case or a PC60III case?

Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3629-1.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3631-1.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3630-1.jpg
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It should be printed on the motherboard like this:


Found this on another forum:

"The Amiga 3500 is legit. It's a prototype A3000T, came out before the 3000T in one of C='s generic PC-style cases of the era, before they released the actual 3000T in the case people are more familiar with. They were used internally at Commodore and I don't think ever made available for public sale. When C= went bankrupt several of them "snuck out" during the ensuing chaos. There's photos of one floating around on the net that was actually used as an internal CBM email server (before the Internet as we know it). A neat piece of history! "


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You have an actual revision 2 A3500 motherboard (the first revision had blue PCB). You should put it into a PC60-III case, if you can find one.
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pretty sure the 3500 motherboard will fit a 3000T case.
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Yeah it fits in my A3000T case just fine. For now thats where it will live as the plan was for this to complete my "standard" miggy collection but if you guys are saying a 3500 motherboard is only found in a 3500 then ill find a PC60-III case.
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Good luck finding one. Thought I had found one in Poland 2 weeks ago.. But prolly got scammed... (as in paid, but haven't heard anything since)
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