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View Poll Results: Favourite console
Atari 2600/5200/7800 7 13.21%
Colecovision 1 1.89%
NES 0 0%
Master System 2 3.77%
SNES 11 20.75%
Megadrive/Genesis 10 18.87%
Neo Geo 4 7.55%
PC Engine/TurboGrafix-16 1 1.89%
Saturn 5 9.43%
Playstation 12 22.64%
Voters: 53. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 06 December 2001, 02:13   #1
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Favorite console

Here's an idea that might die an ugly death, vote for your favourite and post the thoughts that come into your mind when you think about your favorite game on that system

I'll start, My favourite console was the Colecovision, I had one of those Atari 2600 add-ons, but the on game I used to love was 'The Smurfs' (Laugh if you want, I was only 6 or 7 years old)

Don't ask me why, but I used to play that game constantly

I used to love winding up my friends who only had a 2600's (Commoners) about their crap GFX

Anyway, your turn now, please don't let me be the only one embarassed by this thread

If you want a console adding just ask

PS. Handhelds are not allowed, that thread is in reserve for another day that I'm bored

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Old 06 December 2001, 02:27   #2

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Definitively the SNES

The other source of original best 2D games.
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Old 06 December 2001, 02:36   #3
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Although I have 1000+ of SNES roms I still find myself going back to the crisper graphics and gameplay of the Megadrive.

The SNES is best for some stuff, but games like Desert Strike and Aliens just didn't work as well on it. Maybe it's the scrolling...
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Old 06 December 2001, 02:58   #4
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Thumbs up Ah...

It's the trusty old Megarive for me too.

Gunstar Heroes...aggggghhhh...what a game!
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Old 06 December 2001, 06:11   #5
Fred the Fop
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I just finished Gunstar Heroes AWesome!
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Old 06 December 2001, 09:51   #6
Tim Janssen
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Smile Atari 2600

Hmm, I have never owned a console. But if I had to make a choice I would say Atari 2600. I have played an Atari-classics gamepack on my PC all those years ago and was surprised by the extremely basic graphics and blips but absorbing gameplay. This is definitely pre-oldscool
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Old 06 December 2001, 12:27   #7
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I have never had a Console either, but I have played on one or two at my friends' houses. I'd have to go with the SNES. I really like Jump'n'run games (usually) and had a lot of fun with both Super mario world and Castlevania games. And it had better graphics than the NES.

The other consoles I had even seen or tried were a NES, Master system and a playstation which though it had good graphics compared to the other consoles at the time still didn't have much gameplay.

When I hear the name "Playstation" I instantly think of comb raider. And I didn't like that game much at all.

Ok if I had tried Megaman X4 or X5 on it (weren't those released or am I mixing up consoles?) I might have gotten a better view on it.
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Old 07 December 2001, 19:02   #8
Black Lives Matter

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Originally posted by birdy
Maybe it's the scrolling...
Sure is. The MEgadrive is faster

I voted for the Saturn to balance this a bit, but it's really hard for me to chose. The Saturn is a great console, and is IMO _THE_ 2D games source of the 90s. While the Saturn was dying in teh west market, it kept on pushing in Japan... Companies pulled out great shit for this system, while western PSXers were babbling at Lara Croft
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Old 08 December 2001, 10:07   #9
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To get a bit "out the row" I voted for the NeoGeo ! Why ?? 1.) Cause I own one 2.) Cause it´s the only Console that brings Arcade games home without dealing with arcade boards, chips and non standart things that you couldn´t connect anywhere since I do not own an arcade cabinet 3.) Cause it got the 2 (IMHO) best Jump´N Run ever released : BLUES JOURNEY and MAGICAN LORD !!!!!!!!
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Old 08 December 2001, 11:10   #10
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Megadrive is better but my vote is for Master System. There were awesome titles like Wonderboy : the Dragon's trap and Phantasy Star on master system.

I don't know about snes and do not want to.
Old 08 December 2001, 15:41   #11

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I voted SNES because of Mario Kart, SF2, Super Aleste, Super Mario World, Contra Spirits, Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Street Racer oh the list is endless.

I also previously owned a Megadrive (Genesis) with great games such as Revenge of Shinobi (Super Shinobi), E-Swat, Gynoug, Aeroblasters, Golden Axe..........again the list goes on.

Both fantastic machines but Mario Kart/SF2/Mario World were my all time favs on the SNES. That console had the best designed gamepads ever, so great to use, that's why Sony ripped them off and simply added 2 extra buttons and later some analogue sticks.

Got a playstation as well but never really got into it even though I've got loads of games.

In fact the games I played the most on it were Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and X-Men vs Street Fighter! That's right, all 2D.

Only 3D game I ever played was Quake multiplayer with four friends. What a waste! 3D console and I play 2D games.
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Old 09 December 2001, 01:34   #12
Give up the ghost
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While I own or have owned every console on that list except for two of them (Neo Geo and Saturn), among several others not listed, I still voted for Atari 2600. For the most part, it really started the home video game boom, but it also brought me many hours of gaming pleasure. Also, it had games that were often so playable, they had no need for fancy graphics/sound to carry the game. I cut my teeth on VCS games and continue to enjoy those fond memories.
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Old 09 December 2001, 06:07   #13
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Thumbs up

I would probably have to go for the "modern" machine of the one's listed in the Playstation.
Although CBM's management saw the Amiga die,I think the Megadrive & SNES, saw the Amiga killed off prematurely.

But thats not the reason for nominating the PSX. I nominate it as thanks to titles like Resident Evil, Sony realized that there was a whole generation of gamesplayers who'd grown up & didn't just want to play cutesy Sonic/Mario clones all the time.
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Old 09 December 2001, 11:56   #14
RIP Friends
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I voted Master System as it was the first ever console I played. This was before I got my Amiga 600. I remember I was given it as a shared xmas present with my older sister.

I also remember when my older sister played on it you could see her temper building and when she was killed she threw the controller down and says “THAT’S IT, I’ve had enough” then stomps out of the room.

We once borrowed Wonder Boy off a friend and we got nearly right to the end of the game but had to pause it because a man came to see me and my parents. So he was talking for a while and then said, “Oh my kids have one of these”. He then took over the controls, played it for a while, said, “I’m useless at this” and then switched it off! You should have seen our faces!
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Old 09 December 2001, 12:18   #15
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LOL. He was probably from Nintendo
Old 11 December 2001, 05:34   #16

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Talking about home-consoles.. humm, I think each console has it's good and bad points and games,while some have much more bad points than good ones (like the ill-fated 3DO, that still had good games (most from EA) )

My favourite one is the Mega-Drive. The one with most fun games in my opinion (Gunstar Heroes, Contra HC, Yuyu Hakusho, Sonic series, Battle Squadron, Thunder Force series, and lots of others)

in second comes the PC-Engine. Being the shmup lover I am, the PC-Engine is just the best machine for this kind of game (Yeah, I know most people prefer the saturn, but I haven't played any of the great saturn shmups), and still you have great platforms and puzzle games too.

About the snes... I think it's good for RPGs (Not exactly my favourite genre), boring beat'em ups and repetitive platform games. With the excpetin of a few games (Most classics from Nintendo or Crono Trigger ), most good games from this machine are conversion from other machines (And usually better in the other machines)
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Old 11 December 2001, 19:18   #17
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hmmm... this is a har one. it's standing on Neo*Geo an MegaDrive\Genesiss, nha i'm going for Neo*Geo.
U should try king of the monsters 2 and the metal slug series.
Old 11 December 2001, 21:57   #18
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Heya, it´s kewl to see some other NeoGeo-Lovers here on the board 4 votes until now isn´t that bad
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Old 12 December 2001, 18:38   #19
Black Lives Matter

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Im a Neo lover, but how many are Neo OWNERS? Just you I suppose (and I will join you soon, that is, if you think an MVS one slot is an acceptable entry to the neogeo world )
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Old 13 December 2001, 11:59   #20
Posts: n/a
I would love to buy a Neo, if it wasn't so damn expensive!!...,
Or am i wrong here, last time i checked the games was on 150-200£

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