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hdd not working anymore


this is my first message here. I apologise if this has been answered already before, but I could not find anything even though I tried to search the forum.

I have an amiga 1200 with an 60 mb hdd. I wanted to put in a 2GB compact flash as hdd. so I got myself a 2.5 to 3.5 ide adapter, a cf to ide adapter and a cf and tried hooking. did not work so I tried to go back to the original hdd, Now that does not get seen by the amiga during boot anymore.

What can I do to debug this issue what should I check
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Check the IDE cable first. Did you miss some pins when plugging it in? Is it in the right way around? Any bent pins on the motherboard or the HDD?
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I once disconnected a 2.5-cable (tightly secured) from the A1200 ide-port, result --> 2 pins came out loose from the mobo with the cable .

And an-ex, spare motherboard it was then .
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Hi nightlord Welcome to the EAB - I hope you enjoy your stay

FWIW: The above seems good advice, especially if you're getting no life from your HDD & not 'just' unable to access from Workbench.

Any idea why the CF card didn't work?

Redmond, USA - eh?

....don't tell me a certain person has been a closet Amiga fan all these years.

I know which Bill I'd prefer in charge of Amiga.inc. Interested..?

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Thanks for the replies and the welcoming attitude guys It turns out the issue was the ide cable. I had cannibalized the 44 pin cable and manually added a 40 pin connector to the first 40 pins. it was a lot of hand work since the pitches does not match I had seperated every tiny lead and put inside the cramps one by one. so apperantly while doing that I had introduced a short or something. Now I cut that part away and my old hdd worked again. Then I got a new 2.5 to 3.5 converter which does not get stuck at the modulator (I am sure you guys now the problem I am talking about. yikes!) and finally I got the new 2 GB CF card working as my hard drive.

Now I want to add a CDROM. I got myself a laptop cdrom and a JAE to ide adapter. tried hooking up. but when I connect it the CF does not boot and I end up at the initial insert floppy page. Here are my questions
- is it possible to connect multiple ide devices to the onboard a1200 ide port with a single ide cable with multiple connectors
- on the laptop cdrom, there are no switches to set it as slave. are these devices imposible to use with amiga

As for living in Redmond, yes I do work for the "empire" and further my name does start with "Bil" but I am not about to retire this Summer
I am really a C64 guy originally (and still an active demo coder on C64) that is just beginning to get into Amiga. Ultimately I want to code demos on Amiga. But just starting out... Hopefully with lots of help from this forum.

btw Great forum this is. I am constantly reading older topics at the background. very high quality content.
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hastala vista winny vista
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welcome my friend to these fine boards, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay

Nightlord is my buddy and the power is strong with him (he's a prolific coder on the c64 scene). Unfortunately, he's serving the dark side atm, but I'm sure we can convert him to our cause

as for your questions, sure you can connect multiple (read - two) devices on the motherboard IDE channel (four with some extra devices, splitters).
if there are no switches, it's probably cable select (did you check the JAE adapter ?). configure your cf IDE adapter to cable select, if not swap their positions on the cable.
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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002 View Post
I once disconnected a 2.5-cable (tightly secured) from the A1200 ide-port, result --> 2 pins came out loose from the mobo with the cable .

And an-ex, spare motherboard it was then .
Do you still have this motherboard? I can take it off your hands cheaply. ;-)
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Hi nightlord and wellcome to this forum.
I´ve read somewhere in this forum that to put a laptop Teac slim drive as slave you need to change the position of some pins in flat cable. I don´t know if that is only for that model of Teac CDrom or for all laptop CDrom´s that have no alternative configuration
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crusader of light

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If you have a bit of cash floating around, get yourself a subway USB controller.
I use it with a cheap USB CD-ROM drive occasionally, but I find nowadays I mostly use flash drives and USB hard disks.

Also, being able to use an optical USB mouse with your Amiga is an almost sexual experience
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