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A600 on 1702 monitor color problems

I bought an 1702 monitor to use with my old C64 and A600. The monitor works fine with the C64 and even with my A1200.
The strange thing is that when I connect my A600 to the 1702 (using the composite output on the front of the monitor) I have color problems...

Most of the time the top of the screen is in Black and white, the rest is in color. Sometimes the colors fade away, sometimes they are just fine.

When I connect the A600 to other monitors (using the same composite cable) it works just fine. Also every other device I connect to the 1702 monitor works in excellent colors.

It seem that the A600 - 1702 mix is the problem... Any suggestions ?
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In recent memory I can recall 2 similer problems with A600 video outputs :



Strangly both users seemed to be ok if they used the RGB port, maybe you could give a scart lead or a modulator (A520 modulator?) if you have one a go see if the A600 still does it?

Have you tried the RF output of the A600?

Edit : I should have read the whole post there

So the A600 works fine on other monitors, and the 1702 works fine with other devices, but A600 + 1702 = problems

I would usually say a bad connection/bad lead, but that seems not the case here
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hello there,

Welcome to the EAB, theres a lot of mischief around here to get up to

now lets look at this perplexing problem you have.

seems like all the logic idea have failed, so heres a couple ideas that are pretty off the wall but here goes...

It might be possible that the composite signal is being blasted by the RF out.

there is a small screw on the back of the A600 next to the RF out, when composite is plugged into the monitor, attempt to subtly tighten / loosen this screw to see if this makes any difference.

the other idea, is to change power supplies to the A600, see if this makes a difference, one would be surprise the weird faults arise from a dying psu.

good luck with this. let us know how it goes.
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The 1702 (JVC) is a nice old monitor, but I have had strange problems with different inputs. It usually works fine for most anything you throw at it (old computers and consoles) but occasionally things go funny.

I know when I plug a Playstation 2 into the composite on the front, it will sometimes jump around and distort like it's a loose/bad cable, but it's not.
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What a nice Forum...

The RF output works just fine on the same monitor (I have an old philips box that funtions as TV tuner...) So RF output is in blazing colors... Strange...

I switched power supplies... The problem remains... Strange...

I opened up the A600 to look for loose stuff but since most of the components are surface mounted no problems here... Strange...

The faults seem to point at the 1702... Maybe the A600 belongs to a real amiga monitor... I will try the screw-next-to-rf-output-method later this day and post the results...

When I start everything from a cold start the colors are just fine things start to go wrong after a couple of minutes...

Thank you all
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