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VirtualBox can create VHD, even dynamic. Just used a command line tool in the package to create my tool "VHD Creator" for macOS linked in first post.
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Hello everyone...

Still no luck using network after proper installation of AmigaOS4.1...
I followed the steps described in the guide. Correct installation of ethernet.device is confirmed as the same image is working OK with winuae. Of course network card a2065 is enabled in GUI and I also tried uae_2065=slirp and uae_a2065=1 options just in case.
Stil no luck. I guess I miss something here but I couldn't find further info in the forum. I repeat that the same hdf is working OK with network in winuae.

Any reccomended steps that I should take? I really like to use FSUAE for AmigaOS4.1 too as I do with all my other setups.

Thank you in advance!
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Old 25 November 2021, 17:46   #103
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I've fixed a bug with A2065 emulation (slirp) where data could be corrupted or the emulator itself could even crash. If you're affected by this, please try FS-UAE 3.2-beta: https://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=108962
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Old 14 February 2022, 15:12   #104
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Is it possible to provide the path to the picassoIV rom file in the config? I mean not to put it to default places like Kickstart directory, but just to have it anywhere i need, and load up it the same as cyberstrom and kickstart ROMs. That is the config i have now:

amiga_model = A4000/OS4

gfx_card_flash_file = D:\winuae_amigaos4\Roms\picasso_iv_flash.rom
graphics_card = picasso-iv
graphics_memory = 131072

kickstart_file = D:\winuae_amigaos4\Roms\Kickstart v3.1 rev 40.70 (1993)(Commodore)(A4000).rom

hard_drive_0 = D:\winuae_amigaos4\HardFiles\system.vhd
hard_drive_0_type = rdb

uae_cpuboard_type = CyberstormPPC
uae_cpuboardmem1_size = 128
cpuboard_flash_file = D:\winuae_amigaos4\Roms\cyberstormppc_44.71.rom

zorro_iii_memory = 65536

uae_a2065 = slirp
But on every running it still says "picasso4 rom not found in documents/blablabla/kickstarts/xxxx". Even if i provide it with the correct path for that rom already.

If that makes sense i use one from https://fs-uae.net/files/FS-UAE/Beta/3.2.11-beta/

ps: Btw, is there any option to auto-resize the window to the size of the screen mode in the workbench? Because as it is now by default, my window opens in something like 940xsomething while screen mode size is 1280x720, so I had to use window_width=1280 and window_height=720 in config.

ps2. Is only picassoIV can be used with fs-UAE and so be limited to 1280x720x24 for os4? Nothing like winuae.gfx /etc ?

ps3. Are shared directories work with fsuae with os4 ? I mean can i share some dir, and so be able easy to work with the emulator? Or maybe there are some other ways how i can send files in a fast manner?

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