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how to update FS-UAE from 3.0.5 to 3.1

i have installed and configured several months ago the FS-UAE 3.0.5. Now i would like to update it without losing any setting and so on.
This is my current emulator folder:

I have downloaded the FS-UAE_3.1.66_Windows_x86-64.zip file and i unzipped it. I belived that i simply have to overwrite the .exe file, but it is not correct... the unzipped folde is really different from my current folder:
and inside the windows folder:

so, please, can you suggest how i can corrctly update the emulator without losing any settings?
thank you!
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please, can anyone help me?
thank you
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When you unzip the new version copy your configurations, floppies, save states over to the new folder.

Mine works fine when I imported over to the updated version

if you want it portable and not using your c:\documents folder you need to create folders like this at present (this is on my F drive)


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well, thank, probably my FS-UAE already is portable as i don't have any FS-UAE folder in my documents folder...

in order to update it, do you mean i have to keep ONLY the following folders?

and put them here?

probably addtional files and folders are necessary...and in the updated version, the .exe file isn't into the root folder as in my current version... the .exe is into the Windows folder:

it seems that it is changed the configuration of the emulator...?

I would like to be absolutely sure that everything is keep saved, i used a lot of time to configure everything...i suppose i configured my emulator in order to keep the configuration in the same folder of the emualtor, not into the C disk...but i don 't know how to verify this and how to check where are saved my emulator settings... in my Adppdata/roaming and Local and LocaLow folders there is any FS-UAE folder. And into my DOcuments folder too there isn't any FS-UAE file...

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please can anyone help me? many thanks
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