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You're right. And if you want to put two headers, I am sure you can power TWO Amigas with one brick! I haven't tried this but I think I will, my on-the-road Amigas currently have regular power bricks and I need a lightweight method to get them to work because I am tired of lugging those old pieces of shit.
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Steve T
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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
You're right. And if you want to put two headers, I am sure you can power TWO Amigas with one brick!
You should have worked for Commodore!
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Yeah someone in these boards have done this, opened up an old brick, took everything out from inside and put a picoPSU + laptop brick in it. Should work fine.
I've seen that one. But I was thinking of having the laptop adaptor outside, so I also can use it... with my laptop. And get rid of the huge Power Brick. Thus have a small external box with the pico and acdc converter. Problem would be to find a power connector to the Amiga, unless someone have a broken power brick.
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Airey36, on e-bay, has a lot of stuff like that.
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Originally Posted by Steve T View Post
why not? - you just need a housing, i think it would be a neat solution to package the pico and its AC-DC converter inside one of the old C= bricks... sure I've seen similar mods before, just replace the guts of the PSU and re-use the stock wiring and connector.
Yeah, I did that as well: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=70315

Only downside to that method is that it won't eliminate the voltage drop over the Amiga side PSU cable due to its thin dimension, so I lose about 0.25V across the standard cable. You won't have that problem with the PicoPSU inside the Amiga. I am now building another Amiga PSU where I will be using a much thicker dimension cable with a solder-connector so I should get a much better voltage level inside the Amiga.
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Are you sure that's to do with the cable dimensions? That seems like quite a substantial drop, and I know I've had much closer to 5.0V inside my Amigas on the standard PSU. Are you sure the drop isn't caused by resistance across the PSU connector contacts? Those sockets aren't particularly great, and the plugs can tarnish.
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I can't be sure but I see the same with all my Amigas and the voltage is close to 5V at the PSU. With the original, the voltage is a bit higher, but then it is also closer to 5.1V at the supply. I guess I'll find out when I finish my new PSU with the better cable.
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