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Old 25 March 2005, 14:54   #1
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SWOS stopped working for me unexpectedly yesterday.
It worked when it was first installed, but now it gives the following message:

(bad loadfile hunk)
on loading "SWOS.Slave"
Then the Amiga will go into a yellow recoverable error.

Somebody help me!
I miss my SWOS.
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Old 30 March 2005, 19:01   #2
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Just a quick question...

Do you have any hardware add-ons of any sort? I remember me and peanut spent quite a while trying to diagnose this problem on his amiga and it ended up being a suspect 8mb ram board that whdload seemed to 'disagree' with.

This could be the cause of your problem too, have you added any hardware since you last had it working? Maybe some new ram or a new piece of kit?
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Old 30 March 2005, 19:57   #3
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Yes it was the 'Apollo' board I had. Once I replaced it for a Blizzard it worked fine. The Apollo board is fairly common and is incompatiable with a fair few things including lots of WHDLoad installs
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Old 30 March 2005, 23:19   #4
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I do have an 8Mb RAM Board installed, but I'm not sure what brand it is.
I'll open it up and have a look tonight.

What's wierd is that it did work at first and I played a couple of games before realising I had no way of transferring my old save game from floppy to hard disk.
If I get hold of a different accelerator at any point I'll give it a go. Wish I still had my Blizzard 1230.

However somebody found me another installer... possibly JST, I can't remember right now. It seems to work okay anyway.
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Old 31 March 2005, 00:08   #5
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Hmmm.... I don't know if this helps, but I remember very well some WHDload-games didn't work anymore when I got a new accelator card with 8 mb ram.

I used the option 'noautovec' (tooltype) which seemed to help. There a lot of options with WHDload so maybe there are some more which can help. Read the docs of WHDload for more info on all options.
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Old 31 March 2005, 00:59   #6
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Sorry for going completely off-topic, but could suspect a virus or that the slave-file got broken somehow?
Maybe you should replace the slave-file from the working slave-archive?
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