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For me it's Kefrens Megademo 8, it's one of the very first demo's I ever saw on my amiga 500 back in the day (never forget the first time i saw the beast part ) and Rebels megademo (the one with the train graphiti) and Crionics megademo with the madonna part (the spy, made some cool stuff back then i think).
Back then it was all about fps, not making 3d scenes crawling long live ocs demo's
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Like most people here I rate Mental Hangover as the most nostalgic demo followed by Substance and State of the Art. I also get strong nostalic feelings when reading old rankings, messages and ads in European Top 20, but that's not really a demo.
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Oscar Castillo
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I always enjoyed Substance. Thought I was the only one. State of Art of course and there was one other, not a demo, but a looping anim I believe in Sculpt/Animate of a insect-like robot running with a laser rifle on a checkerboard floor. The motion was epic for the time. I'd like to see it again.
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Someone in 1997 made 3D video with famous Amiga 3D animations:
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Pat the Cat

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I can't remember my first demo. I know where and when I saw my first demos. Jason Holborn's house, about 1987. Later on Future would ask me "Know any Amiga techies?" and Jason was the only one. He was into the scene years before he became a journalist, but I can't remember what I saw!

Later on, I bought his A1000 and ended up taking over from him on Format. I remember well my favourite demos then. Eric Schwartz was good, but I think Tobias Richter just pipped him for technical excellence.

Many would not regard either as "proper demos" but there you go. I am happy to report that Herr Richter ended up doing the graphics on X, a space shooter. It wasn't in the Frontier class, but it was pretty good.
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Pugs in space, one of the first demos I ever got for my amiga.
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OCS rocks!

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As far as full demo disks go, it would be the "Wild Copper" demo from 1988.

It was my first year of having an Amiga, and that demo blew everything away I have seen up to that time back then. It was like suddenly having a machine from the future in your room.

Everyone I showed this to had their jaws on the floor.
It's maybe not that impressive these days anymore, but for me it's still giving me that feeling what the Amiga was about back in the day.

"Wa wa wa wa wa wild copper, I love you..."

(my favourite cracktro would be the Paranoimia one, simply for the music. Awesome tune)
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I loved Nine Fingers. I was impressed by all the animations pulled off on a vanilla a500. Second is the odessey demo, a space opera on 5 disks.
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Think the demo that made my jaw drop the most when i first saw it would have to be crionics/silents hardwired
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Originally Posted by deicidal View Post
Think the demo that made my jaw drop the most when i first saw it would have to be crionics/silents hardwired
the party 1991 has to be one of the best for quality productions.

1st place - Alcatraz Odyssey
2nd place - Crionics & Silents Hardwired
3rd place - Razor 1911 - Voyage

What a year!
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Amigan - an loving it!!
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I would have to say Vision Megademo IV. I was working at Dixons when one of my mates cranked it up on the display model. I'd seen a lot of demos, but this one just had me rooted. It's not like it's anything graphically spectacular. I just knew that I needed to own an Amiga after seeing this demo!

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I find this lack of ARTE(Sanity) disappointing. The first demo I ever saw. And! I still own the original disk I bought back in the 90s with my pocket money at a computer fair. It still works!

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Real Empathy Trackmo by VIRTUAL was the one which hooked me!

It has some fantastic & atmospheric music, some humour and some (at the time) great effects for a minimal spec amiga.

I still listen to the musics now in the background whilst reading/relaxing.

A great demo but a little difficult to run on some spec systems.

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I could mention tons of old demos/intros from the earlier days (like the ones from High Quality Crackings, Bamiga Sector 1 and The Kent Team, Blizzard, Red Sector Inc., The Silents, Northstar, Jungle command, Defjam, Megaforce, Wild Copper, Vortex 42, Spreadpoint, Sodan and Magician 42, Dexion, Crionics, Quadlite, Hotline, Ackerlight, Trilogy, Level 4, Alcatraz, Alpha Flight, The Softkiller Crew, Unit A, Thrust, etc. just to name a few) but i'll stick to that one:

D.O.C. Demons are forever

Often imitated never equaled.

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