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Saving sprite 5+6 on x64 Fetch with scrolling

Hi all,

I'm coding on AGA and tinkering with trying to save the 3rd pair of hardware sprites while scrolling in FMODE 3 (x64).

I'm just wondering if anyone of the more experienced coders knows if it's possible to save sprites 5+6 from being chopped when you want to use this mode with scrolling?

In the video below I'm changing the data fetch start to $2c which does save the sprite pair but it kills the scrolling a little, I'm wondering rather than spending a long while trying to get the scroll working, I thought i'd just ask if it's even possible.

[ Show youtube player ]

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wasn't there a trick described here recently about shuffling the scrolling values around to fix the scrolling when using bodged ddfstart?
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I figured this out by the way.

It did involve shifting the screen to the right slightly but very much do-able.

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You might also try to set position data (sprxpos and sprxctl) with copper instead of letting DMA do this. In certain fetch-cases this should enable you to rescue one of the sprites, which otherwise would not get a proper display.

I also did a lot of experimenting with copper-based writes to sprxdat, but this lead almost nowhere on AGAs fetch 2x and 4x modes.
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