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Issues Networking / bsdsocket.library failed to open, but exists

[originally posted in 'new to scene' but it's not quite the right place I think]

I recently finshed putting together an SDNet adapter from Arananet and pulled a fresh copy of r54 Coffin OS onto my CF card. This is bundled with AmiTCP and Roadshow.

The SDNet is hooked up via lan to a wireless bridge. I've tested the bridge on my mac (via ethernet adapter) and it works fine, so I captured the IP and gateway that the mac captured via DHCP.

During configuration on the automatic network setup I chose SDNet, set the IP, Subnet, Gateway, and put DNS at (easy).

*Note: I've even tried DHCP here

No dice in the browser, get DNS failures and then try direct IP to google and I get a response that there is no network interface up. I modified network-startup and removed 'QUIET' from the add interfaces section and get the following:

> execute network-startup
AddNetInterface: Failed to open "bsdsocket.library" V4
AddNetInterface failed returncode 20
I'm relatively new to Amiga - I used it non-extensively in youth (more c64->PC in depth and Amiga was insert floppy) and so am a bit lost on where to start. I've done some research and from what I understand Roadshow should be relying on a copy of this in LIBS: while Miami/AmiTCP/etc. create a working copy of this library in memory.

So I look:

System:Libs> dir bs*
    bsdsocket.library                              bsdsocket.library.demo

System:Libs> version bsdsocket.library
bsdsocket.library 4.332
So the library exists on disk, I imagine that it should be fine; and I imagine that AmiTCP should be able to access it. So where should I look next? My SDNet appears to be functioning but is there a way to test from the Amiga side that it is accessible?

When bsdsocket.library is opened is it trying to make a connection to the adapter? Could it be that the hardware is not accessible thus a failure with an exitcode of 20?

Sorry for all the questions, I am just super eager :-)

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Multiple issues, mainly some poor connections on an SDNet<>ENCJ2680 mixed with Demo Roadshow deciding to close out the socket library.
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