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If by "modern" you mean truly up to date, I wouldn't include any of the Amiga-style custom chips. There's simply no use for them. The stuff that they were good for has been completely subsumed by the programmable vector processors we call GPUs. They cover the concept of the old Amiga copper and amplify it by a zillion. There is no longer any need for dedicated 2D hardware sprites, playfields, etc. because custom GPU hardware can do it all fast through simple code.

Custom chips I *would* include -- an AI-specific ASIC, this is where the future is going. I would also include a big FPGA (and appropriate support in the OS to handle the low rate of context switching that would be needed to multitask with it -- this is new ground). Bits of the fabric would have to be allocatable in some way, etc. and how to share it between processes.

I admit the FPGA is a bit of a stretch, but there are cases where it's a win (complex non-parallel function that takes many cycles on a general purpose processor that can be rendered into a single-cycle operation in an FPGA).
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I'd try and pull of a "Spectrum Next" only better.

They've done a GREAT job at preserving original compatibility, while also adding "upgrades".

So my Amiga would on the one hand be hardware compatible with the originals, while also being a kick arse gaming machine with it's own WB based OS for productivity.

impossible? Probably lol.
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Originally Posted by rcman View Post
Hi All,

I know with advanced processing power like the vampire and Amiga emulation working well I had a thought. If you could design a modern Amiga that had custom chips and enough power what would it be?

As an example I know I would design a motherboard that had custom chips as the Amiga has now. They would be a lot more powerful than what’s being used now.

Graphics, sound and blitter chips with serious advancement in their capabilities.
But maybe I’m going about this all wrong, I’m not a very good programmer or engineer. With the 8-bit guy designing his new dream 8-bit system. What would be your ultimate Amiga System?

the question is why

there are tons of good and cheap hardware based on AMD64 or ARM

Take the OS and port it to a new platform. But then you must answer the question why should someone use it when there are already lots of options and you need a lot of money to develop all the drivers (what is the biggest problem for any obscure non-standard OS). And even if there was the chance to buy dedicated hardware with preinstalled AROS but nobody was interested. Why? Because the "name" was missing? I doubt that there is a real need for any "NG" option out there... Amiga is retro. Better to have a rising retro market with new software and hardware than a stagnating or shrinking NG market.
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