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Was hired guns a first person shooter?

Never had the game but remember reading a review a few years back thinking the 4-player action looked cool.

One of the absolute original FPS has to be Hostages, where you storm the building and kick ass, first-person style! I remember trying to write my name on the walls with bullets, real tricky. The suspense was great as you looked for the terrorists and BAMB, hitting that joystick button never felt better!

Why do PC owners think Wolfenstein and Doom were the original FPS? The Amiga had them way before the PC............
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Can Line of Fire be considered as an FPS? You did not control the movement but it was in first person and you were shooting

It's surprising that no one mentioned Breathless yet
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Tim Janssen
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Wink My Dictionary of Games

Hmm, defining 'First Person-shooter' can be very subjective. For me a a FPS is a game where you can move freely in 3D, shoot as many baddies as you want and doesn't require much thinking.
The 3D levels in Hostages are a good example of it. When I come to think of it, the Vietcong tunnel-sections in Platoon can also be regarded as a FPS!

Line of Fire is nothing more than a scrolling shooting galery for me like countless other games: the duckshoot at the local Fair, POW, Operation Wolf on Amiga and Time Crisis 2 on PS2.

Personally I think Hired Guns is a RPG. For me RPGs are equal to 'games that require too much thinking'. HG is one of the creepiest, scariest RPGs that has ever graced my Amiga. The levels are H-U-G-E. There are so many hidden corridors and traps you could spent hours in. My experience in this game is that most of my partymembers get drowned or fall to death in endless pits. Very scary. :eek
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Well, while the genre came into popularity due to several popular 3D FPS on the PC, I don't think a FPS has to be 3D. That very correlation is what makes me hate the genre so much. FP defines the perspective, and S defines the game style.
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