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Valuation for a Phase 5 Blizzard 1240 T-ERC 040@40Mhz?

After looking around here and on Amibay (what ever happened to Amibench BTW?) I'm a bit unsure of how much to advertise my A1200 accelerator for and could use some pointers.

The card is a Phase 5 Blizzard 1240-T/ERC 040@40Mhz with a 32MB SIMM in it (currently). The PCB is actually a 1260 Mk II according to the screening on it and I guess could theoretically be upgraded to an 060.

It's designed for a towered A1200 (the SIMM hangs out of the trapdoor of a desktop A1200) but I've been using it in my desktop A1200 for a couple of years and it works fine (I tested it again this morning and took a screengrab of sysinfo).

I was powering the fan via the floppy connector so there's no plug for the CPU fan.

It's boxed with the manual but has no driver disk and the box isn't what could be called pristine!

In terms of location, I'm in Scotland.

I've taken some pics that I'll use in the eventual advert, see here for the unsorted pics in case that helps.

The fact that it's the T-ERC version and doesn't have a "plug and play" CPU fan connector make me unsure on pricing. Also the 1240/1260 thing is a bit odd as it's not mentioned on BBOAH etc.

Damn this ended up being a bit of a novel - sorry about that. So any idea of what I should be asking for it?

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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a very interesting card sir, I like your custom heatsink... nice

essentiall what you have here is an VERY fast 040, nearly twice as fast as a basic Apollo 040 to be fair..

but here in lies the crux of pricing, deals done online or offline are instants not really constants. the best advice i can give you is to look around for lots of opinions even after mine

personally you card is inbetween so I would take £130 as a start price for an 040@25... then look at £200 for the 060@50 price and sorta try and fit a price within that. a good price would be around the £160 mark.

BUT remember, I have several powerfull accelerators for my Amiga's and I am not shopping for one so, subconciously i am sure, the advice i have given probably refelcts that.

Remember the Blizzard is also a desirable card, especially since it has a wonderfull SCSI add on feature (doulbes the ammount of RAM that can be installed to a max of 256MB)

remember Apollo's have no (real) scsi unit and are limmited to 64MB ram with a drastic hardware modifaction!

in the end my friend, you should part with it ONLY only for the sum you are comftable with.

I do wish you the best of luck with your sale.
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Thanks Zetr0, that's appreciated. I'll perhaps throw it up on Amibay and see what happens. I'd rather it went to a good home and got used than sat around (the A1200 isn't my main Amiga ).

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