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Connecting a CDTV to A1200

Can I connect a CDTV to an A1200 via some sort of serial-type cable?

I was thinking about the possibility of having the cd drive accessible in workbench.
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Wouldn't it be easier to just get a CD drive for the A1200?
I assume you can connect the two by serial port, but not access the drive of the other as if it was a samba share or something.

[edit] you could use this method, but it's command line only.

I used TwinExpress with two Amigas succesfully. It works well but, as I said, command line only, you won't be mounting any volumes.
It will work between your CDTV and Amiga 1200 without problems.

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I used par-net. Worked great with my 4000 at the time.

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Another vote for parnet. Simple and works. You need to make a custom cable tho
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Does it mount the other computer's drives as local devices? That would be convenient.
Hmm, these links seem useful:

And THIS is specially interesting:

How well does parallel emulation work under WinUAE? I wonder if I can connect the WinUAE drives on the A1200... I could boot off a virtual CD drive...
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Old 23 February 2012, 10:35   #6
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Don't hold your breath expecting parnet to work with winuae.. :-)
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Wouldn't it be easier to just get a CD drive for the A1200?
Aye! Don't forget that what you'll be getting is a 1x speed CDROM drive, which may be slowed down further by the non-standard connection to the A1200 that you'll have to employ.

Better off IMHO connecting an IDE or SCSI CDROM/DVD drive to the A1200. The added bonus is that you can use the CDTV/CD32 emulators, which are bundled with AsimCDFS and other driver software packages, to play some of the CDTV/CD32 games you may have.

Still, if it's an exercise in whether it can be done........then parnet is probably the best way to go, as suggested above.
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That & you can then read DVDs too

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Yes you would be better off with a real IDE CDROM/DVD drive it will be better solution.

I remember making my a CD32 into my first CD Rom for my Amiga, had to make my own serial cable with a MAX232 chip!

A secondhand CD32 + cable and software was cheaper than buying an IDE CD Rom at the time, even a 2x One

It worked but was slow and not ideal!

Now you can literally get CD Rom drives for nothing from old PC's!
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