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Recommendations! Game map as a border for my room?

I want to make my space look a little more interesting by printing a strip of connected level maps and using it as a border on the wall behind my desk.

Initially I thought Flashback would be cool but quickly realised that it's not as horizontal as I remember! http://amiga.lychesis.net/amiga/Unkn...vel01.tft1.png

Then I thought about Robocop but it looks heavily cropped (and I can't find a map anyway. Something like Bansee would be cool though - rotated 90 degrees of course. Suggestions appreciated - especially with sources
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Shadow of the Beast 1 or 2


Or one of the Beast 2 backgrounds


Xenon 2 has nice art too, or course.
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Paramax is all horizontal and looks rather nice.
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Old 17 June 2016, 11:49   #4
Amigan - an loving it!!
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R-Type would be good. A quick Google search brings up full maps for Speccy and MSX, but a further dig about may throw up the Amiga version... Although, the Speccy version IS quite nice


Exolon is also a good choice. Again, this is the Speccy one, but it gives an idea:

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The HOL has R-Type maps.

I can supply them without the watermarks if required.
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Cherno, Akira, LuMan, CodyJarrett; all great suggestions - thank you! At first I was looking at the various images you've linked and was underwhelmed until I realised what was missing; scanlines! I'll add them myself and post back when I've figured this out fully
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