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OK, 289 to go!
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Old 05 November 2011, 08:02   #23
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12, 288 left to go.
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16 with HDMI output

Last edited by redblade; 09 November 2011 at 07:00. Reason: hit too fast
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Old 15 November 2011, 21:38   #28
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Currently looking for a CD32 upgrade myself, but as has been written by others here, they are very expensive and rare.
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Old 23 November 2011, 00:47   #29
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18. Count me in
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Old 10 December 2011, 20:56   #31
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I'd love an 030 with 32MB RAM and a CF slot for HDD. Heck i'd even settle for a simple 8MB fast ram with CF just to make my CD32 run all WHDLoad in one quick booting pack. It would save the poor CD drive from crapping out sooner as I mostly play WHDLoad compilations on it.

Never say never... who would have thought an A600 Accelerator would have been made....

BTW FOL, I thought the MK1 Indivision A4000 AGA was compatible with CD32? And isn't the Indivision AGA Mk2 being made more universal, so the one model fits A1200/4000/CD32? Or is it only for A1200?
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21, just do it and it will sell.
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Old 15 December 2011, 12:39   #33
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Only 8 MB Fast and a CF as HD
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Old 19 January 2012, 16:13   #34
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I love my cd32, got an indiv. floppy on it, a 4000T keyboard and yeah i'd like some extra ram and hd storage, along with a vga scandoubler all in one, dirt cheap !
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Old 27 January 2012, 16:32   #36
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I want it !!! I love my CD32 + flopply disk
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Originally Posted by rurounin View Post
I want it !!! I love my CD32 + flopply disk
Nice, Im getting all excited now.
Just another 275 to go, lol.
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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Just another 275 to go, lol.
>>> i think it´ll be very very difficult but .....
Old 28 January 2012, 13:14   #39
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I dont have a cd32 yet, but Id buy an affordable expansion in a heartbeat. An '030+ fast ram based cd32 would be a nice self contained litle amiga. Would be awesome to get some sort of mpeg decoder hardware (cheap as chips these days) as well.
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I would be the 27th, but I don't want any acceleration in a CD32, what that would do is just add more incompatibility and problems with games.

The CD32 is a fine games machine and I think it should be kept at that. I'd like an 8/16MB Fast RAM expansion for it, that's all. And it should fit insside or have a low footprint so I don't have to buy a new table to place the CD32 :P

The ability toi add a CF HD would be EXCELLENT though! Didn't think of that.
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