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Games your parents liked to play

Early 90s.
We were young.
Our parents were old ...
okay okay ... they were as young as we are today.
They donated us an Amiga for christmas, because we promised to use it for school.

But then they saw us gaming and gaming and possibly got interested in some games themselves.

Thats the topic of this thread.

Which games did your parents like to play?

My dad loved to play war games. Maybe because he also loved war movies.

His favourites were

Wings of Fury
Dogs of War
War Zone (Core Design).

My mum loved only one Tetris-like game that in fact was a copy tool:


No Sound, tiny action window, but fine gameplay.
She never got interested in another game - no chance.

Both played very badly, but otherwise were very persistent. They tried again for hours and hours.

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My father liked Hollywood Poker Pro a lot. He learned to boot the miggy when I wasn't there just for that.
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I don't think my mom ever touched a computer or gaming console... my dad liked the pinball games, David's Midnight Magic, later on Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies.
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My dad didn't really enjoy playing but we used to play sensible soccer so we could do something togther. Problem was I too good even as the weakest team so I used to pass it back to my goal keeper and see if i could dribble into the net. Sometimes he tackled me so he had an empty goal to score in so the scores were quite balanced!
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No, both my parents never played anything
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My grandmother loved Shanghai.
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Gets there in the end...

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My mum loved Dragon Tiles and Tetris Pro, also Monkey Island.
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My dad liked Fighter Bomber, Airbus and Silent Service 2.

For the latter two he even drew large maps and plans
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My mom sat every evening in front of my C64 and later on my Amiga with a glass of sparkling wine and her cigarettes, playing games like Bomb Jack, Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands.
We even played through the whole of Gauntlet on the C64 together..
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sex games
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Nothing... even now my mother struggles to operate the TV remote.... my dad passed away in 1992 and was as technologically advanced as my mother lol
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I dont think my parents ever touched the Amiga.

Roll back a couple of years to the night I got my Spectrum +3 and I recall much hilarity watching mum and dad try to play "Kung Fu Master" I think it was.
*Goes to google*
Sorry.... YIE AR KUNG-FU

But that's the only "gaming parents" memory I have.

I'm the youngest of 5 so that puts the generation gap into perspective perhaps?

Now ask this question to OUR kids in 30 years time

"Dad used to just play Battle Field 3, and he'd just spend the whole time trolling his own team, and getting banned for Jet ramming".

That's the future thread

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My parents never touched an Amiga. My parents separated in 1985, and I never saw my father again, he died in 1991.

Out of my two parents, it was my father who was the computer literate one, who made sure my brother and I were not afraid of computers and encouraged both his sons to both play games and learn to program in BASIC on the Commodore Vic 20 and Atari 400 machines, and not long before my parents broke up, we got to paint in MacPaint on a very early Apple Macintosh. He liked to play River Raid, Star Raiders, Jumbo Jet Pilot, and Crossfire on the Atari 400, and Choplifter, Jupiter Lander and Radar Rat Race on the Vic 20. He also played what I believe was a version of Colossal Cave Adventure on his machine that was in his "electronics room" where us children were not allowed unless he invited us.

In contrast, my mother had a go, once, at River Raid on the Atari 400. She didn't last long, started running out of fuel, the low fuel warning sound started blaring out of the TVs speaker, and with my brother, myself and my father all saying "fly over the FUEL thing to refuel", she instead aimed for a balloon, crashed into the balloon, put down the joystick, while the 3 of us laughed and laughed, and never even tried any video game again.
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The hardest task for my dad was to land in Wings of Fury.
He tried a thousand times but rarely succeeded.

My parents never touched the Amiga or the disk. They used to call me or my brother when they wanted to play. And we booted the game for them.
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Rocket Attack
Pinball Dreams
Pinball Fantasies
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My parents were REALLY into Wizzy's Quest. They never made it to the end but they got very far.

What's with all the parents having trouble to play games. The Amiga was as simple as turn on, pop in the disk! Later when we got a PC with Dos my parents were completely baffled, it was like a huge step backwards to them to have to type in commands. And they were right
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Most DOS computers had Norton Commander running on them. This made it possible for almost anyone to use the computer. Unfortunately, most people these days would be far too stupid to understand such a simple piece of software.
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My father used to play some wrestling game on C64 and Chessmaster 2000 and Shufflepuck Cafe on Amiga. He really avoided computers in general until he injured his leg in mid 2000 and we got him new computer. Since then he uses computer for news, tv, communication with relatives and fun.

He used to joke that I sit all the time in front of computer when I was in UNI, and yes, karma is bitch... he spent more time in front of computer then I do.

I don't remember my mom every try to play any games.

When I was dating my wife I installed Chessmaster 4000 on her Win95 computer and her dad used to have argument with computer while playing and loosing.
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I don't think my parents ever played anything on the Amiga, but they did play Leaderboard and Winter Games on the C64 IIRC. My father also played Ace on the C64.

My father wasn't interested in games, but I think he liked Settlers at least (he never played it but watched me playing it).
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When I was young, we quite often played board games.
Nevertheless, on some occasions, my dad enjoyed playing Chess games as the Amiga was better than I (and he was frequently complaining about the computer that was cheating, which made me always laugh . But once I saw it cheating, so...). He most played "Chessmaster 2000".
Except when she tried something to please me, my mom never played computer games.
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