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Workbench 3.1.4 Scanning for Bad blocks?

Hi All,
I have a few bad blocks on my games partition that i would like to fix, which tools can I use to scan the following partitions on my A1200 (3.1.4 kick roms installed) with a 32GB CF card on the internal IDE controller running OS 3.1.4 ?

Partition 1:
Workbench 1256MB FFS international mode (Buffers 30, MAX transfer 0X1FE00, block size 1024)

Partition 2:
Games 12GB FSS Long file names (Buffers 300, MAX transfer 0X1FE00, block size 1024)

Remaing drive space is unallocated.

Which tools can I use to find and map bad blocks?

The diskdoctor in 3.1.4 should be improved, but I cant figure out the command line options, if you could provide me with an example this might solve the issue.

How large should i set the buffers for the workbench and the games partitions. I have plenty of RAM. (8MB)

Any pointers to resources on how to learn Amiga OS and CLI again, would also be appreciated.

Hope you can help a Amiga rookie out

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Hi, at first sight, I see lots of issues there:

Validating a partition requires aproximately 1MB of ram per GB of drive space, so your Games partition is not able to validate itself in an 8MB ram system. Perhaps that is the source of your problems. Split it in smaller partitions that better accomodate your ram.

Then I recommend that the block size used gets changed to 4096. This will make your system faster and use less memory.

So I would first back up everything, if not already done. And then re-partition and reformat.

Also did you first apply the update?

DiskDoctor does not perform surface tests. It diagnoses the FastFileSystem and provides salvage options.

To diagnose, just open a CLI/Shell and type:

DiskDocktor examine DH0:

Of course, you can replace DH0: with any other volume name.

To salvage files in a damaged disk.

Open a CLI/Shell and type:


Here DH0: is the source volume and RESCUED: is the safe destination volume which will have all files copied to.
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Thanks a lot Gulliver, I wasn't aware of the fact that the disk validation will take roughly 1MB RAM /GB HD. I noticed a validation error at some point, but it was gone after a reboot, and I was able to format the disk after the reboot. Anyway I will follow your advice and split the disk into smaller chunks. and see if this solves the issue.

I did download and apply the update, I forgot to mention that in the first post.

Thanks for the advice, and for the examples and information about diskdoctor.

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