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Strange problems, CF card/adapter problem?

I have written here some before regarding earlier problems but now I thought I had everything setup and working...

I have a registered (by myself) version, running 16.9 on a OS3.1 A600HD with CF/IDE-adapter and a 4GB card and 2MB ChipMem...
The main reason I registered was to be able to run Moonstone.

This setup seems to work just fine in WinUAE, but on my A600 I get some problems. I have used BuggyBoy as a trial and error game as a friend of mine have run this successfully on his computer with the same specs. When I started it today I got graphics errors on the large animated objects like the car. There's also an annoying flicker that seems to appear everytime before a harddrive read - (everything turns to the backround color).

I've tried running BuggyBoy from the same card in the PC as I use in the A600 - it works fine in WinUAE - everything looks as it is supposed to. But the flicker is there though.
This flicker really messes up the intro of Moonstone and I imagine other games as well.
On the real A600 Moonstone crashes after the intro with the error message:
Error during resload_Relocate
while relocating executable on address $80000 at offset $2063C
I actually get the same behavior in WinUAE if I connect the CF card with HD controller "IDE0" instead of "UAE". When using the UAE controller it runs just fine (apart from the flicker).

Is this flicker (clearing the screen) when loading a known issue?

Any ideas what to do with the CF card? I guess it could be an error with the adapter also?

EDIT: I put it back in the A600, booted from the 3.1 install disk and checked the Max Transfer value - it was 0xffffff - so I re-partitioned (100% size as before) with 0x1fe00 instead (don't know where this went wrong I'm sure it was correct somewhere along the line).
I attached it with the IDE0-controller in WinUAE to be able to check it in HDTools there - yup it's 0x1fe00 now - going through the whole process again then...

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Sounds like you sorted the error with the reading, the flicker (do you mean screen flashing?) That is becuase you do not have enough memory to pre-load the game, a 2 or 4mb SRAM card would help, but still some games will suffer this unless you have 8mb+ which on an A600 would be difficault due to the lack of expansion options.

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The Headstrong
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Yes, the screen flashing (being emptied and then displayed again).

Why can't the loading be done while keeping the screen displayed?

I'm writing the contents back to the CF card know - I hope it works this time.

EDIT: Tried it again with WinUAE and the IDE0-controller - it didn't crash!
Also worked on the real A600, still disappointed about the screen clears when loading though, even the sound halts.
Damn Max Transfer!
Remember the old 0x1fe00 and you're almost home free. ;-)

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