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Motherboard Mayhem!!

I seem over the years to have accumilated quite a few A1200 motherboards, I only have one A1200 i use regularly and have just brought a Turbo 1230 030 50mhz on the cheep and am wondering which is the best to have in my Miggy?

I have the folowing boards:

Rev 1B (dont know where it is but I know I have one)
Rev 1D1 (the board im using now)
Rev 1D3
Rev 1D4
Rev 2B

So which one do I use?
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Is it true that the 1D4 are the most compatible when it comes to upgrading? not really sure whether it was a myth or not that certain board revisions used to pack up when expanded?! :eek
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crusader of light

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really dont want to kill a board, anyone know which is best to use??
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Old 19 July 2003, 01:04   #4
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From bitter experience, I know that the worst board is the 2B (Amiga Technologies-produced, for the most part). The next-worst is the 1d.4. Both boards suffer from the "bus timing fault" problem, which interferes with 040/060 accelerators. The 2B, and possibly the 1d.4, also has the "VGA tearing fault", which causes the display to "rip" horizontally in 31KHz screenmodes.

There are no known problems with the 1b (got one here with a Blizzard 060 installed) and the 1d.1 (other than the PCMCIA CC_RESET bug, which affects all revisions). I've never seen a 1d.3 board, but I've never heard anything negative about it.

I think the major functional difference between the 1b and 1d.1 is the number of clockport pins - the 1b has a full header, whilst the 1d.1 has the more common half-header (the full clockport was never used by any expansions, and the extra pins actually get in the way of some upgrades). I might be wrong about that difference, though...

As for which is the best to use: any of them. As long as you're not running DblPAL or DblNTSC screenmodes, and don't upgrade further than an 030, you won't experience any problems with any of the motherboards. If you do ever want a faster CPU, make sure you're not using the 1d.4 or 2B, as your Amiga will just crash every five minutes.

The 2B board, if it is one of the motherboards manufactured by Amiga Tech, will have the 3.1 ROMs on as standard, so you may as well use that.
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I'm unfortunate enough to have one of the very first A1200 motherboards with the flicker problem. That's what happens when you rush out and buy a product as soon as it's released.

The whole display flickers when the CPU comes under load. It's not that bad but I'll have to get around to fixing it sometime.

Here is a solution off Aminet:

hort: A1200 Screen flicker fix V1.0
Author: Ingulf Hetland
Uploader: ihaaland@netpower.no (Ingvald Haaland)
Type: hard/hack

The first A1200 released by Commodore Amiga had a screen flicker bug, when the CPU loaded the screen started flicking, this fix will remove the bug.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	flickfix.png
Views:	241
Size:	5.5 KB
ID:	5409  
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Thanks alot guys, think I will use my 1D1 which is in my A1200 at the moment, already has 3.1 roms installed and my buffered IDE interface all nicely packed up inside
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