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Hello from Kansas (Dorothy not included)

Hello to everyone! Finally got back to playing with my various Amigas after a very long time, and found this site, and hope to be able to "pick some brains" over a few things on my old machines.

1984 - C64
1986 - A500
1989 - A2000
1994 - A4000
1990s-2005 - rescued a bunch of used Amigas from death - 2 working A500s, 2 A2000s that were working when acquired, parts, etc.
2006 - Amiga Forever came along - as did the parnet cable from one of my A500s
2012 - Attempted Amiga Forever only machine - failed
2018 - moved after 20 + years, and all of the stuff got packed away
2020 - COVID made make room, finding all my Amiga Stuff and start tearing into it to make it work again!

So, since the late 90s, I've worked for various industrial suppliers, selling industrial equipment, tools, etc - and did a lot of technical training to show folks how to use the stuff. In 2013, I went back to school since I didn't want to be in sales any more, but didn't have enough actual training to get hired anywhere doing industrial automation programming and install/commissioning. I had the knowledge, I didn't have the piece of paper.
So, 2 years later, when I graduated, I was working for a manufacturer, and the college asked me if I wanted to work part time teaching industrial motor controls and PLC programming... so I did - and in January 2020, I moved to a full time position at the college and left industry. Since I now had the resources and tools at hand to tackle things like the A4000 SMDs - I kept thinking about it, and then when the quarantine hit, I had to move a bunch of boxes around from the move to make an office in the basement - and found all my Amiga stuff! And, with issues with them, and questions - here I am.

Outside of electronics stuff:

I have taught historical rapier fighting - yes swords - think Three Musketeers - and used to travel all over North America teaching at conferences and going to events to play with swords (and hang out and generally have fun!) I'm getting old, though, and with the move, having 2 jobs, and a lot of other projects, I'm getting old and rarely get to play like I used to.

Steampunk is a great add on to the sword fighting thing, and dig the music and the build-your-own of it all...

Airsoft - Me and a buddy owned one of (if not the) largest indoor airsoft range in America about 12 to about 10 years ago - we had an old hospital that we converted. It went well for quite a while, but then the city decided they didn't want that there, they wanted it to be a clinic again instead (note: it was a leaky old building that should have just been knocked down if they were going to try to make it sanitary) so we got out of the business. We are still friends (so that tells you we did well at running the business). I was also a moderator on one of the largest airsoft forums in the world for a while - yeah, dealing with teenage boys wanting to "play army" was a lot of fun (/sarc, but only a little - it really was fun for a while)

CARS- I am the proud owner of a 2004 Volvo S60R (this is Volvo #16 - in 1994 a Volvo saved my life) - if you look around on the web, you'll find my Volvo presence - I haven't been posting much lately, because I haven't been doing much to it lately. It's got 255,000 miles, still makes just over 300 hp, and still can't make a U-turn in less than 40 acres... It also has a Swedish Flag paint job. Wife says she's going to bury me in it. I'm ok with that.
I grew up in an automotive shop, learned that trade from Dad - honed it by turning wrenches and learning how to troubleshoot - then went to work for parts suppliers, which got me into industrial sales, and there's the back end. When I was in college the first time (back when I had a C-64) I had a 1970 GTO and a 1969 SuperBee - at the same time. Had many muscle cars - and got rid of a bunch of muscle and luxo-crusiers that I wish I had back.

Married, got a daughter (had 2, lost one to the flu several years ago, take Covid seriously, people) - daughter is a tax lawyer, so she keeps me out of trouble with the IRS!

Whew - that's me - the long-winded, spread-out thinking Paisley... I know I missed a bunch - in case you can't tell, I live my life full and large!

If you read to the end, thanks for the read!
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Welcome to the site, Always good to get another hardware buf to the site . Good luck with the repairs
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Originally Posted by redblade View Post
Welcome to the site, Always good to get another hardware buf to the site . Good luck with the repairs
Thanks for the welcomes!

Since I teach a class on how to build cables and how to solder - I figured I better get better at it... heheh

I still am looking for a tech reference manual for the A2386 bridgeboard - it had a bad battery and it's pretty chewed up.

My 4000 also has a lot of damage - and a bad Alice - so that one I recently ordered a hot air solder station and am going to give it one more throw. I'm nervous about the damage and also about the caps on it.

The biggest things are to get everything clean, and to be very patient while doing this kind of work.
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