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Simple While/Wend loop for waiting inkey buffer is empty?

mean this code waits if there is keys inkey buffer.

while len(inkey$)<>0
when is empty code later parts code. i need clear keyboard buffer in my project. i think is i can do it this way.is any better way do it in blitz basic.
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Not that I'm aware of, well not easily anyway. You can access the OS directly and clear the keyboard buffer but that's not as simple as a single command. What exactly are you trying to do? It's unusual to need to clear the keyboard buffer.

If you're running a window that you're detecting keypresses from, you can try clearing the event queue instead:

or, to just clear keyboard events:

FlushEvents $400
This will only work if you're using a window as a source of your program's events however...
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i try make multitasking game what gives questons and wait ansver for example 30 seconds. and i dont want user holding key mess next queston ansver they given single key presses. and this thanks for this FlusheEvents tip.
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You could do the check in the VBlank period, using an interrupt handler. Then the code would check the keyboard every 1/50th of a second and you can carry on with the rest of the programme in the background.
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