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Stripping label and glue from floppies

Hi all,

In my GCSE's I got a F in Chemistry and I'm no Walter White.

If I want to strip the excess glue and label from a floppy disk is using White Spirit ok to use?

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Old 27 September 2019, 20:22   #2
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Dunno, but a good glue remover is LRM Label Remover (https://cpc.farnell.com/electrolube/...l/dp/SALRM200D), but obviously you've got to make sure the disk inside is kept clean and damage free, which is going to be hard with any approach.
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I would use isopropyl alcohol. I use it to clean the floppy disk media inside it, so I know it is safe.
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Old 28 September 2019, 12:17   #4
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I'd use metho (methylated spirits).
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When I used to strip labels off disks, depending if they was nice thick labels I used to use a hot water bottle, rapped in tea towel and then put the disk / label side on the towel and ever so often try to peal the label off. If it was those really cheap labels ... that was never fun, and never pealed nicely. Heat probably not good for disks ... but 20 odd years ago, i didnt worry so much.

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I tend to use White Spirit and it works fine.

Here's what I do:
1. Use a small paint brush to completely saturate the label
2. Leave for 15 minutes or so
3. Peel slowly, most of the time the whole label comes off at once, don't rip or force it
4. Use the paint brush again on the revealed surface
5. Wipe with a cloth to remove any stickiness

If the label doesn't look like it's going to come of the first time I give it another round. But a second time and I just give-up, because picking at labels takes too much time.

The key is to do loads at once because of the wait time.
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I use Kontakt Chemie Etikettenlöser.

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Old 29 September 2019, 18:08   #8
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I used to use my mums nailpolish remover back in the day, Nowerdays I very rarely use floppys so just have some I label with pencil and rub it out if needs be.
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I use some of my Electrolube LFFR (Lead Free Flux Remover), only because it smells so sweet and gets you high
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Old 02 October 2019, 20:28   #10
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Back in the day, stripped the labels of prob over 10K disks
Zippo lighter fluid was cheap and plentiful and worked well, even on the glossy ones if left to partially evaporate and a second coating applied.
A less flammable method is to use a handheld hair drier, warm the label up for a minute or so and gently peal.

Above all, PATIENCE, dont rush it, warm it a bit more if it isnt lifting, same goes for fluids!
the zippo got `bits` of labels off too and all the glue residue
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I'd use WD-40, and once removed, IPA to clean away the oil.
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Old 21 October 2019, 01:46   #12
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I just read a tip in a German magazine to use a cotton pad with terpentine to soak the label, then peel it off and do any clean up of remaining glue with the same pad.
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I use part vinegar part hot water for some stuff, its usually stuff I can leave soaking in it for a while though. Does a grand job on bottle labels and the like.
Not tried it on floppys and you obviously can't leave them to soak in the solution.
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