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Amiga 1200 with DKB 1240 not starting up

Hello all

I was lucky enough to be gifted with a whole suite of Amiga hardware and software a few years ago. Part of this collection was an Amiga 1200 and 500 that I powered up and confirmed were working.

This was about 5 years ago.

Fast forward to the present and I've got round to investigating my collection more in depth.

The 500 fires up and runs fine. However although the 1200 powers up and the hard drive makes a few noises, just shows a blank screen.

If I remove the DKB 1240 accelerator card then the Amiga will successfully load up to Workbench.

I have cleaned the contacts on the expansion connector, replaced the CR2032 battery, cleaned and reseated the SIMM and reseated the two microchip on the card. However I still get the same result.

The accelerator board does have a few capacitors on it, so perhaps one or more of those have failed?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated
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Does it boot anything from disk such as a game? Could be something on the hard drive causing it to halt on a black screen.
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mä vaan
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Could it be PSU? A1200 own PSU doesn't give enough juice to 68040 CPU. A500 PSU might do the trick depending wich model it is. There are multiple different A500 PUSs.
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Try pulling the accelerator out of the socket by a mm or so, my apollo doesnt like being all the way into the socket.
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What Amiga 1200 motherboard revision do you have? It may need the 'timing fix' done to it. Not sure whether this would stop it from booting, but to have a stable running accelerator card you may need the 'timing fix' - especially on revison 2B motherboards.
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I would suggest trying the A500 PSU with the A1200. If the PSU for the A1200 has gotten weak over the years, the A1200 won't work properly, especially with the 1240 card in.

I know with my A1200, it won't start like yours if I plug in an external floppy drive and have my accelerator card in.
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This card is weird name standart, it is not 040 but 030
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