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Old 01 July 2015, 21:39   #1
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What's your preferred display type for classic Amiga?

I'm curious what folks use for games and workbench applications. Widescreen is fine on modern systems where the windows snap but I'm not so sure about workbench. I guess Amiga games would look best widescreen if you have an Indivision AGA.
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Old 01 July 2015, 21:40   #2
Mrs Beanbag
Glastonbridge Software
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i use a 19" non-widescreen monitor

edit: LCD. Acer AL1932M iirc (it has SCART input)

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Old 01 July 2015, 21:45   #3
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I have a Dell U2410 - http://www.engadget.com/products/del...p/u2410/specs/ - and it can sync directly connected to my A1200. I wil say that workbench doesn't look perfect but gaming feels just fine with WHDLoad.
Old 01 July 2015, 21:49   #4
Puttymoon inhabitant
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19" 4:3 LCD monitor.
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Old 01 July 2015, 22:36   #5
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A1200 on 26 inch CRT set to 16:9
A600/CD32 on 7 inch TFT screen 16:9 again
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Old 01 July 2015, 23:47   #6
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Games on my CD32 connected to a 40" LED, widescreen stretch
Everything else on a 1084S.
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Old 02 July 2015, 01:07   #7
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I've been using an LED 5:4 1280x1024 screen with my Indy Mr2...looks lovely and has 50Hz scrolling.

I have used a widescreen in the past but found that it doesn't look as good with Classic games.
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Old 02 July 2015, 02:48   #8
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4:3 and 5:4 monitors (CRT and LCD), I hate widescreen on Amiga...
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Old 02 July 2015, 07:30   #9
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I mainly use 4:3 and 5:4 TFT monitors here too. If I have a widescreen display, I always make sure to adjust the aspect ratio to suit the source material. No stretched images for me, please.

For those special CRT fetish occasions I have a 20" BVM and a few 1084s and 8833s. :-)
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Old 02 July 2015, 07:53   #10
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Urgh... I can't understand anyone using stretched images. Everything should be in the original aspect ratio how it was designed. I just hate watching normal TV shows at the people who just think "bigger is better" and they have flat&fat people on screen then. Same applies to computers too, and Amiga's games aren't designed to widescreen, so it isn't any advantage for them.

With Amiga nothing beats a good CRT display. Scrolling will be smooth and colors deep. Unfortunately they are clumsy, but still with image quality you can't match them with modern displays.

I have 15" CRT TV, C1084, and M1438S for the original experience on some Amigas. One Amiga on 27" widescreen LCD with SCART, and one on 17" 1280x1024 monitor with Indivision AGA mk2.

That 17" is nice because it accepts 640x512 mode too (some displays seem only acccept 640x480)... so with Indi2 you get non overscanned image to fit full display with lores to 640x512 (pixel doubling) and also with hires laced to 1280x1024. I'd just wish that Indi2 would get 4x vertical pixels which would allow to get both lores and hires to monitor's native 1280x1024 resolution. That would be just cool, because then it wouldn't take that much time to switch between modes (you have annoying delay when games switch to lo/hires), and also hires sprites would work better etc.

Oh, and I have few video projectors too. It's pretty nice option for games too

But anyway.. with my setups I'd probably like them in this order: CRT > projector > Indi2/SCART.
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Old 02 July 2015, 09:17   #11

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Originally Posted by esc View Post
I have a Dell U2410 - http://www.engadget.com/products/del...p/u2410/specs/ - and it can sync directly connected to my A1200. I wil say that workbench doesn't look perfect but gaming feels just fine with WHDLoad.
Really ? 50Hz and 15KHz ? Both are out of spec for this unit.

For AGA I currently use a 40" LCD with custom sizing to keep proportion and fill most of the screen. (320x200 scales well on wide screens, PAL has borders on the sides if overscan is not used by game/demo)

And 19" CRT ViewSonic for WB
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Old 02 July 2015, 09:33   #12
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For the gaming A600, I use a C= 1084-S, but that's only for games.

A2000 uses a Commodore 2080, since I like to run Workbench interlaced, and the 2080 is a natural flicker-fixer. I don't guess it's ideal for games, but it doesn't look bad -- I play Super Street Fighter on it regularly.

A4000 & 3000 share the Commodore 1950 @800x600. I also have a 1960, but for some reason the picture just don't look as good to be as the 1950...

- Bo
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Old 02 July 2015, 09:42   #13
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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Really ? 50Hz and 15KHz ? Both are out of spec for this unit.
It's the exact same monitor I use, and it syncs perfectly. Fantastic for Amiga use when you don't have the space for a decent CRT. It's technically outside the VGA range, yes, but since the monitor also has component and composite inputs that accept PAL frequencies, it seems they just allowed those frequencies across the board so I get a nice Amiga display through the VGA port. It also displays it in 4:3 mode so no stretching, and works fine with my classic's Voodoo3 for a 1600x1000 OS3.9 Workbench screen.
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Old 02 July 2015, 10:01   #14
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We had those Dells at work and I also tried it with my A1200. It does indeed work. :-)
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Old 02 July 2015, 10:21   #15
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19" lcd. Its widescreen but has 4:3 mode which looks fine for me
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Old 02 July 2015, 10:40   #16
Professional slacker!
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I prefer to play games on my Sony PVM by RGB Scart but productivity stuff it's RTG on 19in LCD TV (1366x768) from my A4000 or SuperPlus with IndivisionAGA (800x600) on my A1200.

HD720 mode is nice but takes too much Chip Ram.
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Old 02 July 2015, 11:55   #17
roy bates
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crt monitors mainly,surprised its not on the poll.
but i suppose its covered by tv's but not really...unless it has some way to use rgb.(i dont use rf ever on anything)

lcd's for rtg and scandoubled resolutions.for anything else.
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Old 04 July 2015, 14:25   #18
Jack Burton
It's all in the reflexes!
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Since my last 1084 died some time ago, I replaced it with an other 4:3 CRT, a Sony PVM that just does the job perfectly, for the Amiga at least (actually it does not like my MSX2+ ).
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Old 04 July 2015, 17:01   #19
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Only 4:3 CRT for me.

Tried multiple LCD monitors with the Amiga, never liked the image.
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Old 04 July 2015, 17:03   #20
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Currently its my 46" LCD Samsung but if I could get my hands on a 1084 or variant I would have it hooked up to that full time
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