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PS2 pads incompatible?

Hi everybody,

I've got that Playstation Controller Adapter for my Amiga 1200 to play games with cd32 controller support.

For some reason, I'm having problems with most games that got patched for CD32 Pads, especially those patched by Abaddon and Hungry Horace. The controls are delayed or not working at all.

Hybris seems to work fine with patched cd32 controls. 2 Button games work fine as well, as do games with native cd32 support.

I'm only guessing, but could this be related to the way the analogue buttons of the PS2 pad are handled?

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Hungry Horace
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it may depend on the adaptor i guess - which one do you have?

The cd32 code used by both myself an Abaddon is tried and tested i believe... (and the result of some hard work by various people!) ... at least, i think Abaddon uses this code also.


I admit - i "rely" on the code enough now that i only ever test via UAE - there shouldnt be any difference between this code and native support as long as the 'read' code is correctly placed into the VBI of the game.

I assume you are referring to the CD32 olour buttons, rather than the direction buttons, as directions are rarely patched at all? (although i am confused by this, as you refer to the analogue stick)

"second button" is detected differently to CD32 Blue (or at least, it should be!) and this probably explains why it works without problem.

I have a couple of CD32 / PS pad adaptors myself, and have tested the CD32 reading code on both without problem... Some adaptors dont have correct analogue support, and it may depend on what pad you are using ... .e.g. maybe the adaptor is only PS1 compatible and you are using a PS2 pad?

Could you tell me which of my own CD32 patches you've had trouble with?
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Amibay Mod/Staff

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hi guys any of you know where 1 of the cd32 compatible adapters can be brought from

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I've got the adapter build by Paul Willingham, which seems to be quite common, afaik. (http://www.youtube.com/user/paulwillingham4d79)

You're right, I was referring to the buttons, not the d-pad. They are pressure sensitive (analogue) on a ps2 pad, and my guess was that they simply don't work with your cd32 patches.

But, I was assuming wrong, since the d-pad and start button (mapped to the cd32 play button) are causing troubles too. Movement is stuttering, and the start button for pause only works 1 in 10 times.

Midnight Resistance, Carvup and Cybernoid 1 & 2 would be a good examples.

Since you've tested your pad reading code, I assume the troublemaker could be the adapter. But the Hybris and Great Giana Sisters cd32 patches (both by psygore) seem to work perfectly with it. There must be something in psygore's code that is more compatible with my adapter.
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Hungry Horace
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Bizarre..., because I have one of Paul's adapters myself, but I don't recall ever having any problems with the Cybernoid testing! (I think that adaptor broke though - I forget) but then, he probably changed the adapters code also.

I will take a look at some of Psygore's sources, and maybe some fixes can be made.... My only gripe is that I've not received any bug reports before now, and certainly not problems testing with genuine cd32 pads!
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That's strange indeed... But thanks for investigating! I don't know the difference between psygore's code and yours. (button threshold?)

Maybe the problem is limited to paul's adapter in combination with dualshock 2 pads. I will try to find a first generation pad to see if it makes any difference.

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