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Can you tell me: Can I run American versions of Amiga games on my European Amiga 1200??

Any help Appreciated...

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Yep, I think you can. From ECS chipsets and up you can switch the Amiga to NTSC mode, and american versions should work just fine. However there are not many games that require an NTSC machine, methinks. And the coolest stuff always came from Europe

To change your miggy to NTSC mode, hold down both mouse buttons on powerup. A menu will appear and you'll be able to change modes. If this fails, you can force it with a degrading program.
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If memory serves me right, switching modes just stretched the 200 NTSC lines to 256 PAL lines.

I never had any incompatibilty problems with it, just got pissed off with the big black bar at the bottom.
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It also slowed the games down a smidgin'. (Americans are so lucky)
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When you switch to NTSC, the speed actually goes up, though in PAL-only games, it slows down everything to a crawl.

Those games with the ugly border... try them at NTSC-mode, you'll notice teh speed increase, in most cases (Lemmings 1 is one exception)

Graham, I recommended you to register since you posted more than one message It's easier to post and read messages after you register, you'll see!
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