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Linux snob

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Matt Chat 71: The Bard's Tale

Ha, Matt takes on Bard's Tale.

[ Show youtube player ]

Truly epic and full of catchy tunes.
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It's made me load up the Miggy for the first time this month to have a go. He wasn't kidding it's bloody hard going!
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Gets there in the end...

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Good review, great 'homage' at the end too!
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The interviews Matt does and gets not to mention his broad base knowledge of games and systems would (If i was gay which i am not) make me want to marry him! He is THE BEST games related journalist on YouTube!!!

Well done Matt, another incredible video!!!
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old bearded fool

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The video is top notch as usual, thanks Matt.

I remember there was a flaw in the first Bard's Tale. If you selected to be a monk (can't remember what race, maybe human), and let all characters in the party be monks. All you needed was to use the staff and fist, they would gain experience really fast and as the game goes on repel any spells used by the enemies. After a while they simply wouldn't die, didn't take long either.
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Hehe, you guys are going to give me an inflated ego!

The Bard's Tale was my first CRPG, and I remember thinking back then that there was just something different and wonderfully cool about the genre. I hadn't ever played D&D or know anything about the rules, but I was eventually able to learn how to play it. I never got very far into the game, even after buying a boxed copy so I at last had the manual. It wasn't due to lack of interest--but it was extremely difficult for a noob. I remember getting a pirated copy of BTII with a saved party of super high-level characters and just roaming all around killing things with them. Even that was fun for me as a kid.

My interest led me on to try Pool of Radiance, and after that I was hooked for life.
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Great vid and great story!
(and the end??? That is why YOU are the MAN!!! I would never do that!! :-)

Personally, I started CRPGs with Ultima II on my friends Apple II.
Somehow I missed Wizardry (saw it a bit, but didn't play it that i can recall at the time), but I did have Bards Tale by the time I got my C64...

I still preferred the Ultima series, but I loved Bard's Tale.....


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He he, its funny how just about every episode about an RPG game begins with a proclamation that this just may be the best / "my most favorite" RPG of all time

You were right in the Fallout episode!
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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
Hehe, you guys are going to give me an inflated ego!
You can wear the ego mate because i know you are not the kind of guy that will do it with arrogance so take heed in our words of proclamation!!
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