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The hate-love of Drakkhen

So guys, first of all, i´m not a native speaker of the english language, so if there are any mistakes (i´m sure there will be some ), please don´t be angry with me.

I really love Drakkhen, but in the same way i really hate it.
So, who can i blame because of it? I´m quite sure its my uncle, because he bought me Drakkhen as a present.... But it was a swap with Space Quest 3, because i didn´t had a 512KB extension at that time.. (as a nostalgica note, i bought my 512KB extension together with Space Quest 3) a few months later.

So, whats that thing with Drakkhen? I played it while is was a young boy, must have been 1990, so i think i was about 12 years old at that time.

I clearly can remember how i really ruled that game .... do you remember the flashing fields around the first castle? Well, could be really bad-ass there, due to that overp0w3r 1337 dragons ... but with my party (only one member alive, female warrior) .. no problem, one hit, one kill and cool loot.

I really tried to solve that game, after 19 years waiting time.
So guess what, its really hard, annoying and frustrating.

Not because of the imbalanced and unfair gameplay, but because of the technical problems. First i started to play it directly from the disks.
I played it for several hours, was really happy with it, and guess what, the save disk (disk 2) broke. I tried it several times and all of my empty disks broke... must have been a bad charge.

Then i tried the WHDLoad version on my Amiga 1200 ... Yeah, works fine, but i really had the problem that, after a few hours, the game doesn´t remember the actual save game... yeah, in the game, you can save and reload without any problems, if you quit the game it works fine too. Restart the game, load the save game, everything is nice. But don´t even try to restart your computer. Then all is gone and you have a very, very old game save to mess around.

But then i really had that Uber-Idea.. I just try WHDLoad in WinUAE...
and guess what, it worked.... well until the time i had to restart my virtual Amiga 1200 because of hang up of Drakkhen ...After the restart, i really had an old game save again. And yes, i was so clever to use that snapshot function of Drakkhen, but this makes the game quite unstable.

So, why i really want to get the old times with Drakkhen back and finally solve the game? I don´t know, and its for sure not my mission in this life (well i hope so it isn´t), but maybe i will give this game another try.

So i hope there are some Drakkhen addicts around, who can understand me and my frustration with a game, which its may absolute hate-love favorite on the Amiga.

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Originally Posted by Fragger View Post
But don´t even try to restart your computer. Then all is gone and you have a very, very old game save to mess around.
Use the "NoWriteCache" option. You'll have to live with OS swaps then though, i.e. it will take a while to save a game.
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Thanks, i will try this out .. Maybe i can complete that game within the next weeks ...finally after 19 years.
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