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Someone has regretted selling their Amiga?

I regret selling my Amiga 4000t for cheap money back then.

On the picture with the lid open:
A4000t, Apollo 060@75MHz, EGS Spectrum 24 (2 Mb), 2 GB SCSI-2, 8xCD-ROM SCSI, A2320 display enh., PeggyPLUS, 200 Mb IDE (Mac), Floppy-hd, about 80 Mb RAM, 21" monitor
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Back in the old days I used to own a nice Amiga 4000/040/PPC/Cybervision/Prelude cased in an RBM Tower. I sold it - but DON'T regret it! Instead I regret selling my former A2000 to someone in Greece and throwing away the A2320 and A2091 (With GuruROM!) wich were broken. I guess today someone could fix them. :-(
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It's very expensive to buy the same machine again, I'm happy with an Amiga 1200/030 today.
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I regret not having my mates A4000 which he binned back in the day because the PSU had died. Still remember it sat at the top of his stairs. I still have my one thou which has been fixed and upgraded
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Old 11 February 2015, 19:41   #5
namm namm AMIGA

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ohh Yesss !!! i had an

A-500 1 MB + 1084 S Monitor

A1200 68030 ,50mhz ,64 mb ram ,HArd disc + Amiga Multscan Monitor

Micronic Tower 68040, 128 mb ram + cyber storm + hd + Multican Monitor

Amiga 4000 68060 ,50 mhz , 128 MB RAm , Cyberstorm, hd,,, ect....

God dawm, just thinking of all the Amiga goodness i had
I think it was the year 2000, i became father that year and i sold all of it VERY cheap
( i could kick nibbler in the nuts )

But on the other hand,
i have 2 expanded Amiga Cd32 with CF cards n Fastram, and i think the are enough to replay all this awesome games n stuff.

But not the really demanding Scene demos of course

Anyway, glad i have my 2 Amiga Cd32 at least.

And a wonderful 15 year old daughter man i love her, and that´s the most important thing !

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Old 11 February 2015, 23:15   #6

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I bet the first person I bought my Amiga from is pretty pissed! Got an A1200 with 120MB HD, A CD-ROM Drive, 2 x External Floppy Drives, 2 Games controllers and around 100 original boxed games for £50.

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Old 13 February 2015, 17:26   #7
2nd era...
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I always regretted selling my first A1200 back in 2001.
Escom edition with '030 accelerator, 8MB Fast RAM (IIRC), Squirrel SCSI, CD-ROM and external floppy drive.

Current A1200 still lacks an external floppy but has more Fast RAM and better SCSI (Blizzard) and the PCMCIA is free for CF adapter or networking.
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Old 16 February 2015, 10:53   #8
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I regret trying to extend the 5-core cable in my Power Computing PSU, as I wired it wrong causing my A1200 to die. I then built a Win PC and went that route :-(
(the stupid cable was not long enough to have the PSU on the floor and the AMIGA sat on a desk. Why did they do that!!! I had to always sit the PSU on a box on the floor to raise it that bit).

I kept a load of stuff for years, digitiser, CD-ROM, Sound Sampler etc etc, then after about 5 years threw it all away.

The nightmares are fading now :-)
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Old 16 February 2015, 13:32   #9
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I know the feeling, my parents moved to another house, and a lot of Amiga stuff went into the garbage, because I newer bothered with collecting it before it was to late.
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I regret selling my Amiga 600, which was in pristine condition, but I had to due to economic issues I am having.

Now I dont have any hardware to properly test my BetterWB distro

And the A600 was great for it from all perspective...oh well

I miss her a lot.
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Old 16 February 2015, 21:24   #11
cheeky scoundrel
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I didn't sell mine, it died. My regret is that I didn't attempt to fix it Unfortunately back then I was so wowed by my spanking new PC and downed by the demise of Commodore that I didn't have the brain to realize what I lost.
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Old 16 February 2015, 22:13   #12
Stuck in the 80s

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I sold my collection for £40 back in 1999 (1200 + 1084ST + loads of original games (most mint)).

Binned most of my magazines too; why I don't know (re-bought most of them now )
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Old 16 February 2015, 22:43   #13
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Being the dumb ass I am I regret selling my:

A1200 (with Blizzard 030)
C64's (several)
ZX Spectrum's (all UK models)
Atari's (8 bit ad ST range)
in fact all the 200+ retro machines I once owned in my collection....what a f*%king idiot

Just left with one seriously under powered A1200....waiting for a budget ACA card to be released.
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Old 16 February 2015, 23:11   #14
Thalion Webshrine
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Interesting thread as I'm considering selling my Big Box Amiga's as they take up so much room, have not been powered on in 10 years and they have so much equity in them.

Better to sell now while they are in good serviceable condition and the market is strong than save them, they degrade and have to be sold cheap "untested"?
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Old 16 February 2015, 23:16   #15
roy bates
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not really regretting anything these days,its all the past.

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Old 17 February 2015, 00:37   #16
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What do you have for sale Alexh?
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Old 17 February 2015, 01:37   #17
Thalion Webshrine
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Nothing at the moment. Just thinking about selling. My stuff just in boxes takes up almost a double room in my house. But would I regret it if I sold it? I haven't played anything in 5 years. I just don't seem to find the time.

I've got pretty much two of everything from the Acorn Electron through to the Xbox original.

Two A4000D's (RevB and RevD), two Picasso IV's, two Deneb's, two Rev3.2 A3640's (+ 060 adapters), two DKB3128 Zorro III RAM cards, two ethernet cards (X-Surf + Ariadne). An Apollo 4040 (which cannot be upgraded to 060), an untested (i.e. probably broken) Cyberstorm MKIII.

2x A600 (A608 & ACA-630/30), 2x A500 (one a plus), 2x SCSI adapters (A570 + 2Mbytes + SCSI-TV & GVP HD8+), 2x MiniMega Chip RAM upgrades (one for the A500 and one for a CDTV I never bought), 5x A2000/A3000 keyboards UK layout. 2x CD32 (one with a fWSI, the other with an SX32 non-pro).

2x Atari Falcon 030's (one in a lighthouse tower), 2x 14Mbyte RAM cards, 2x PowerUp bus accelerators. 2x ACSI->SCSI link2 adatpers, 2x Atari ST (e & fm), Atari MegaSTe + CosmosEx.

2x N64 (both RGB, one PAL French, one NTSC USA), 2x Everdrive64 (one a mk2)

2x Sega Saturn both chipped with universal BIOS & 60Hz mod (one a 20-pin UK the other a Jap Skeleton) just bought an ODD so you can play games from SD card.

2x Dreamcasts both with different ODD (optical drive emulators)

3x Spectrums (48, 48+, 128+3)

Countless others (BBC B, Master, Electron, Archimedes, RiscPC, Enterprise, Gamecube, PSOne, Xbox, Wii, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance etc. etc.). Several Arcade Machines (http://thalion.atari.org/eprom.jpg)

Add to that huge collections of original boxed games and tapes. Pretty much every Spectrum, Amiga and Atari ST magazine ever published in the UK.

Equity wise I must have about £8-10k in retro hardware & software?

It would take years to sell everything individually and get the best prices. Three years ago I considered doing it to fund the purchase of a classic car, even listed everything on Amibay but last minute I changed my mind and never sold anything.
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Old 17 February 2015, 01:42   #18
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You got a real nice collection, were do you get your hand on all the nice stuff?
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Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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I sold my cd32 with fmv expansion !!! a shame !!
I sold 1 or 2 amiga 500... but i always came back to amiga because of turrican, lotus eries and others and the workbench.
The workbench is incredible and if you have a strong cpu at 68040 or 68030/50, a gfx card and some fast ram, the wb just fly.
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Old 18 February 2015, 00:16   #20
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What I just gave away about 6 months ago: A3000HD/100 w/rev. 9 motherboard, full set of static-column DIPs with fast page burst, A3640 rev. 3.1 (could never find 3.2 GALs), Buster rev. 11, Super DMAC rev. 04, RAMSEY rev. 07, WD33C93A-PL SCSI controller rev 08 (i.e. all chips fully upgraded), Chinon FB357A w/A3000 faceplace, A2386 bridgeboard, and a Cybervision 64 (not 3D...eww!) card fully populated with 4MB RAM (along with about half a dozen other fully-baked-and-expanded development systems of various vintages). Several thousand dollars worth of hardware.

That didn't bother me nearly as much as selling my A500 with AdSpeed/IDE, AdRAM 540+560D, Shuffleboard, FFV and Kickstart 2.04 (all internal!) with a Bigfoot PS and 1084SD1 (not D2 - mine did NTSC/PAL autoswitching!) in 1992. It was my first Amiga, it was all expanded and configured by me, built over a period of 3 years, and was my pride and joy. I miss her to this day. :/


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