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Old 17 December 2011, 18:51   #121
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Ye gods. Congrats cape horn!
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Old 18 December 2011, 01:00   #122
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Well done to the top 20 who got through, you certainly deserve it.
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Old 18 December 2011, 01:05   #123
Graham Humphrey
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Right, the round's all over and well done to everybody who's qualified - bad luck to those who didn't, there were some very good scores quite a way down the standings and that is a testament to the high quality and the sheer competitive nature of this competition. Capehorn's two billion, and Lines and xpect both breaking the billion barrier deserve special mention, sensational scores.

29 people is quite easily a record for this - or indeed any - competition and hopefully increasing the number of people going through will make it even more intense in the next stage.

The seedings will therefore be as follows:

Top seeds: capehorn, LinesMachine, xpect, Parpala

Second seeds: Graham Humphrey, gene_kultpower, john4p, mihcael

Third seeds: mipe, lifeschool, bombermax, premmisseth

Fourth seeds: Lonewolf10, Anakirob, Mowcno444, StingRay

Fifth seeds: Harry, Simon Humphrey, jPV, Biscuit
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Old 18 December 2011, 01:24   #124
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Absolutely. I think this was an excellent effort from everyone. For 121 million to be the qualifying score (under the original rules) is incredible. When I posted my first score of 57 million I was convinced it would be enough to qualify. I lost count of the number of games I played that I didn't even make 100 million on, that's a very high standard.

So, will the groups be made up of 1st place, 5th, 9th, 13th and 17th etc. or will it be a seeded draw?
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Old 18 December 2011, 01:26   #125
Graham Humphrey
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The draw is now up so you can work this out for yourself
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