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Find out input.device mouse port

The IND_SETMPORT input.device has a command can be used to pick the mouse port, but there's no matching command to query which port it collects the mouse events from. Is there an alternate way to find the port number used by input.device?

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mouse port is port 0, joystick port is port 1 by default. if I remember well ^^)
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Originally Posted by voxel View Post
mouse port is port 0, joystick port is port 1 by default. if I remember well ^^)
Your reply is not helpful. Both Amiga game ports have the same features. They both can handle either a mouse, a joystick, a pair of paddles or a CD32 game pad. It's just a convention that port 0 is used for the mouse. As BSzili pointed out, there is a command which lets you tell input.device which port to query for the mouse. But AFAIK there is no way to find out which port is currently active.

Of course it is 99% sure that port 0 is the mouse port, because this is the default and almost nobody changes it. But it is possible to change it and therefore you cannot be 100% sure.

Well, you could try to check with lowlevel.library which port has a mouse. But if two mouses are connected, you are lost again.
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Have a look at gameport.device, it's the device that reads the gameports and feeds the data to input.device, there might be something in there.
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Thanks for the replies. Lowlevel.library's auto-detection can be a bit cranky at times, which is why I was looking for a way to find out which port input.device listens to. Sending a GPD_ASKCTYPE command to gameport.device units 0 and 1 did the trick, whichever says GPCT_MOUSE is the one used by input device.
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Yep, if the mouse is in a certain position and not moved during the detection routine, it's impossible to tell the difference between it and a standard joystick, so joystick will be assumed.
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