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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
None intended - you're clearly aware of why this won't work. It's a great idea for the very few rooms where perspective doesn't come into play - but RE, as you know, is very cinematic with many camera angles and many scenes that play to the strengths of the 3D renderer which just cannot be done practically on an Amiga.
Well I've finished the original back then and I've already went through the complete playthrough recently just to make sure. There are only but a couple of rooms where there are too many or too large sprites to export (for example the huge plant like boss room). But even for those, there could be middle ground solutions. So, it's not an absolute no-no.

Also for the vast majority of the rooms, the 3d effect is soooo subtle, it will hardly be noticable if median size caracters are used (not too big, not too small). You would definitely notice this if compared side to side with the original but if taken alone you wouldn't be able to tell the difference (believe me). Also each room, especially big ones, don't give the player huge space to roam. Often the perspective changes after you take a few steps, which means that within those few steps the 3d effect is indeed minimal not to be noticable if missing. And corridors where the camera is too low and the characters become quite larger or smaller because of perspective usually contain zero enemies, so you could fit -theoretically- different sizes of the prerendered character without the need to use any real time sprite scaling (which could be a legit solution but for more powerful cpus).

The obvious problem that many rooms contain sub sections with different angles/perspectives can also be bypassed if you reload the required set of gfx for each section. The only real issue here from section to section (and again regarded RAM poses no problem for each individual one) would be the loading times. It will probably be like opening a door in the original game every few steps which can indeed be ultra furstrating!
But then again, with some clever optimisation you could still pack perhaps a few sub-sections together to minimise excessive loading.

Overall, while I know the issues, I wouldn't rule out the possibility. If a tech demo could be done and run as intended, perhaps (and with the right compromises) the full game could also be possible, even if this practically means occupying like... 4gb on your miggy's HD

Generally the technicalities are not the main factor here (and elsewhere). Work hours and relevance are. I'd pretty much preffer spending my time making new games instead (while from time to time some exercise with ports or demos is welcome)

Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Sadly, we see this scenario all too often - a lot of excitement and pretty much zero results.
Yes but we also do see tangible results every now and then (like -hint, hint- last year's Giana Sisters S.E. remake and Time Gal port f.e.). Know what I mean?

Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I'm not expecting this to turn into a port of RE to the Amiga. Quite the opposite
Neither am I. Would love to see a demo though. Perhaps this could be inspiring or useful to someone after all.

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I dont see the point to remake "Resident evil" as a 2D game : certainly your coding skills would be better utilized to improve FPSE speed :-)

I mean in FPSE the gpuw3d plugin (as it use the fast W3D_DrawElements() function) can draw a whole 3D mesh in a call
So certainly it isnt the (Warp3d) 3D rendering that is the bottleneck in FPSE for Amiga (especially for the simple/low 3D meshes of "Resident evil")

Of course a fast FPSE will still need a 3D card but as the Playstation had a builtin gpu it will not deshonoring...

Alain Thellier
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Only Amiga !!

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Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
Neither am I. Would love to see a demo though. Perhaps this could be inspiring or useful to someone after all.
Could you not offer a version where you enter the room and see it from only one position? Keep the character the same but just see the room once? You could also omit the door opening Animation and just offer a blank screen, with the door creaking sound instead.

Surly with these alterations and omissions an Amiga version of Resident Evil, is even more possible?

I always admire those that push the boundaries of what can and cannot be accomplished.

Myst < was way ahead of its time as was STARDUST with its 3D like asteroids and tunnels. Team 17 was and still is my favourite software house on the Amiga. They always broke many boundaries and offered excellent titles. In fact I do not think they ever released a non worthy title.

The Amiga keeps showing that it can move with the times with more and more technological upgrades being offered. Now is the time more than ever for coders/programmers to show what can still be possible with Amiga.<Even when most think, it simply cannot be done!
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I am surprised no one mentioned this:

[ Show youtube player ]

Unfortunately it was cancelled, but first time I saw I was really gobsmacked.

If a game boy color can do it, I'd guess a stock Amiga also could do it?

Anyway, like it has been said, it's a lot of work, not feasable for a hobbyst job.
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I believe this style should suit best an Amiga without 3D

[ Show youtube player ]
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I have seen recently pictures of a megadrive russian homebrew that tries to recreate RE in isometric format; ok is not the most cutting edge technology but a good use of color, pictures and soundtrack can help build atmosphere even on a classic machine. AND is different enough that a change of name should help not have problems.
I tried to brainstorm a similar approach for a Dead Space demake, or even a Silent Hill one...

Resident Evil - Demo'd on the Sega MegaDrive / Genesis!
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