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Originally Posted by mcbpete View Post
There's a weird thing I have with my GPU and beam-racing (I believe DamienD has the same issue - and GPU!) - Despite *everything* set to PAL (and living in a PAL country), turning on V-Sync or beam racing makes WinUAE run at 60fps (though not solidly, it randomly flickers between around 55-65). Presumably it's due the laptop monitor being locked at 60Hz - unfortunately it's not changeable even when digging deep in GPU and monitor settings.
Yup, I have the same "Nvidia GeForce GT 540M" card in my Acer laptop.

I'm also unable to get beam racing or any of guest.r's shaders working well
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Presumably it's due the laptop monitor being locked at 60Hz.

Yes, a real 50Hz or 100Hz (with black frame insertion in WinUAE) capable monitor is mandatory for 100% smooth PAL games. There is no way around.
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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Looks like it sort of works if there is no filter set when it triggers. Even if it worked, it isn't that useful because it always puts the filter in first empty slot..

Better design is needed..
Sounds good enough for me, at least you see a possibility for it! . Do you think that seamless switching between shaders will be possible (i.e. no audio interruption upon switch)?


Originally Posted by guest.r View Post
It's a whole different horizontal/vertical algorithm, "hires" version only works better on interlaced screens and, in theory, on small details with productivity screens.
If we would have realtime switching possibilities of the shader between progressive and interlaced modes, is the current "hires" version than optimal already, or would you treat it differently when knowing it will only be used for interlaced screens?

Last but not least, new version of the pack is here:
- custom _winuae.fx added with some description,
- crt-shifty(2) added,
- some small tweaks like gammaOUT...
Nice . I noticed you've added the "light" version of the custom _winuae.fx. Looks pretty nice though and is quite a bit faster. I'm using it with the "phosphor.png", the best one I think.

Maybe it's an idea to include both the light and the "heavy" customized _winuae.fx in the pack and also add your three custom masks also? Just so that we have all your marvellous shader work for WinUAE complete in one pack. Most lazy users don't go through 300+ posts to find the good stuff

The shifty shaders are interesting, only I get a bit crosseyed after looking at them for too long. It looks a bit like content from the past for which you needed the cardboard "3D glasses", remember, the one with the two colored glasses, like these on Amazon:


Come to think of it, would it actually be a possibility to create an Anaglyph3D shader? Maybe the "stereo conversion" part from the Wiki below could work? I guess not having any depth information, will probably result in quite fake 3D..

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