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Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
The DEBUG switch has been around for a while, but please do not expect a lot of useful information to come forth by enabling it. It merely switches the debug flag of the network interface on or off, and the results of that flag being enabled largely affect only how much "debug information" the TCP/IP stack kernel authors wanted to share, back in 1994.
All I ask of the DEBUG switch is to give out exactly the same information as when the NetInterface file contains DEBUG=YES.

Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel
Yes, but then I probably would have named it "ENABLEDHCPUNICAST", which is a bit longer and doesn't exactly roll off your tongue
I don't think that's necessary, or even styleguide compliant.

Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel
In my opinion it is easier get a good idea of what effect an option will have which reads as "DHCPUNICAST=ON" than of a single "DHCPUNICAST" keyword. For shell commands you can obtain the necessary context of what the single keyword does by entering "ConfigureNetInterface ?", but the same is not possible with icon tool types. Some people may check the manual, but as a rule, they tend to spend their time elsewhere, probably dissatisfied with the general usability of Roadshow
I see what you mean, but expected behaviour in shell arguments and tooltypes will differ.

Alternatively, DHCPUNICAST could be merged into DHCP as a CONFIGURE parameter. DHCPUNICAST implies DHCP to begin with, so supplying it separately should be unnecessary.

BTW, last night I had troubles getting a lease, until I retyped the DHCPUNICAST line in the interface definition in ALL CAPS. How sensitive is the parser for those files?
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Hello, I post just to say that I've bought roadshow today and I´ve installed.
All works like a charm with prism2.device

Vampire 600 V2 + Zyxel PCMCIA Wifi.

Thanks to Olaf for his work.
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