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Question ID this game please

No idea what it was called, but the opening sequence had dancing cartoon hands (hand-jiving), with a very catchy tune that had words like 'Dont touch it/that' as the chorus. I am certain there was a hit single with the same or a similar song.

The game itself was an isometric platform/maze/puzzle where you travelled across squares that formed a rectangle, collecting/avoiding things.

I believe this commercial game (and song) were out in late 80's or early 90's.
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The tune was "You Can't Touch This", by MC Hammer. I think the game you're after is mentioned on this site:


It's called "The Power", by Demonware, and it's on the HOL here:



A previous EAB thread suggests that the game might be called "Zoom", on the HOL here:


Thread here:

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The game is definitely Zoom. All cracked versions have the intro removed because it was heavily encrypted. For now you will need the CAPS version or wait (probably months) for the WHDLoad version...
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Originally Posted by Kodoichi
"The Power" is a game named after a song by Snap, which is also licensed and used in the game. So I doubt they would have used a track by MC Hammer.
You'd think so, but the site I linked to above says that the composer for the C64 version of "The Power" was told not to cover the Snap songs; instead he did a cover of "Super Freak", the bassline from which formed the basis of "You Can't Touch This".

It does say that the Amiga version's music was different, though...
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Well you guys do know who is the guys behind Snap!, don't you?
The project mainly consists of Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing, who - in 1987 - did an LP album called "Inaxycvgtgb" under the project name 16 bit.
(The CD version from 1987 is a true rarity with only 1000 copies produced, and it would often go on ebay for beyond $60 US!)

This LP was done with great help of an Amiga 500.
No wonder they're so devoted to this machine, and most probably would only have given permission to use their music in the Amiga version of the game.
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