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Calling all Public Domain Game Reviewers

Firstly a quick up date - I have now started a monthly PD game review page on my website


If you would like to submit reviews for future months please contact me - the idea is to showcase the best of AmigaPd games - The reviews are aimed to be short so please keep to four paragraphs in length.

If you have written reviews in the past and have scanned images of the review then I may be able to add these as well, but it will depend on the size of the file and the quality of the scan.

Hope you like the new features which have been added to the website over the last month.
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The new features on the site are great - I have been keeping an eye on the site and I am really enjoying the way it is coming together.

I will have a dig around and see if I can find some reviews.
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Old 05 December 2010, 12:53   #3
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The site just gets better and better. I really like the way that instead of using typed-up transcripts of the original magazine reviews, you've actually used proper scans, so we can see how it was set out in the magazine.

Brilliant stuff!
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Old 05 December 2010, 13:16   #4
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Yes, nice to read and watch but maybe bigger scans should be in jpg format, not png.
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Old 05 December 2010, 13:31   #5
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Great work with the page, had a good read now! Thx !!
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Shouldn't, by definition, the "game of the month for December 2010" be a game that was released or updated in December 2010? If this "Quik and Silva" game is considered to be the best of all time (!), won't it win every "game of the month" award indefinitely?!
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Old 05 December 2010, 22:59   #7
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Oh my, aren't we clever today Minuous
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i maybe wrong but Quik n' Silver isnt PD, it was published by Amiga Fun http://hol.abime.net/3199
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Old 06 December 2010, 00:55   #9
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I think Quik and Silva is PD as it was reviewed by Amiga Power and Amiga Action in their PD sections in Oct 1992 and by Amiga Force in their PD section in March 1993 - It wasn't unusual for there to be a delay of 5 months to 12 months between reviews as PD games did not have commercial release dates and therefore magazines would only review them if the author sent the game to them or if the journalist discovered the game by ordering it from the various pd libraries.

The game of the month award from now on will be the best game I have played that month - it may be a game I have revisited or a new game I have discovered that month either from recommendation or from working my way through my various pd cds. The first month review page was made up of one game I had never played "Santa and Rudulph do Christmas", one of my all time favourites "Wizzy Quest" and one chosen by AmigaPD users "Quik and Silva". For next month I will hope to have time to include more games I have never played and hopefully have some more games reviewed by AmigaPd users.
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Old 06 December 2010, 01:01   #10
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Thanks for your efforts, amigapd!

You've even got me reading some of the reviews, and I'm hardly a dyed-in-the-wool gamer.
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Old 10 December 2010, 11:39   #11
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Really cool site m8 Bookmarked.

But Quick and Silva is not PD. Copyright by CP Verlag.
Don`t know why it was reviewd in the PD section bitd?
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Old 01 January 2011, 23:36   #12
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Happy new year - and just to inform you January's pd review page is now available -


If anyone fancies contributing to February's review page the focus will be on public domain / shareware / former licenceware games beginning with B. Have a look at the new and expanding catalogue section for potential games to review

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Old 02 January 2011, 12:52   #13
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Love the site. We had a shop in Wakefield that did disks full of PD games. I would go on a Saturday with some pocket money and buy a new disk. Then I couldn't wait to get home and play them.

Thanks for the memories
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