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(OT) Can anyone help me setup these other emulators?

Feel free to recommend an alternative emu. if the one I've got is a bit broken (Windows)

CPC464 - WinApe (2.0.b.2)

First time I ran it it booted into CLI. I attached a cartridge - that worked - when I started messing with disks it all started going wrong. It seems to save state between sessions so despite deleting the .ini file I'm still stuck with a black screen

Atari ST - Steem SSE

Sounds terrible when I go fullscreen. Really crackly like there's bad interference.

Any idea how to load multiple disks from the command line?

Archimedes - arcem

Mouse is offset with host mouse. Can't work out how to attach a disk image.

Amiga - fs-uae or winuae

Is there a command line that would work with either emulator to get them to autostart with a floppy in the drive?

Thanks for looking!
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You may need different system .rom files for CPC 464/6128 (disks) and GX4000/Plus (cartridges).
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Amstrad CPC - Caprice32 - start emulator and hit F1 for full screen
Atari ST - try RetroArch. There is Atari ST core.

For Amiga you can't go wrong with either one. FS-UAE is easier to setup, but WinUAE allows for more detailed settings.

I never emulated Archimedes.

Line about attaching discs through command line - are you working on front end?
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